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... My doctor wants me to take Provera to bring on my period and start another round of clomid, but I feel like I should wait just to be sure. Please tell me what you think. ... (8 replies)
... Well, I had my first Dr. appt today to begin investigating why I haven't had a period for a year and hopefully what can be done about it! You guys were so right! ... (36 replies)
... Welcome to the board. She's right, they will probably need to force a period before you start the Clomid. Be careful in going so long without a period, I have always been irregular, sometimes ony 3 times a year. ... (36 replies)

... i skipped March all together and then in mid April was put on Provera to make me start. ... (1 replies)
... I as well am having no period after coming off of my birth control pills and have gone through 2 rounds of provera and now awaiting a HSG test. ... (2 replies)
... orry for what you are going through. I completely understand your frustration. On my second cycle of clomid, many moons ago, the same thing happened to me. My period simply never showed... and I always had regular cycles so of course I was hoping and praying for good news. Took many HPT's and finally after 3. ... (8 replies)
... Thanks for the encouragement Kari... really, I appreciate it. Gosh, I sure hope that is the case but... I took my last pill the evening of 11/18 and passed the clot the morning of 11/19. I just don't think it was out of my system long enough to think that it was time for a period. And on 11/22, I had about an hour of heavy brown discharge, that's it. But, we'll see. I've spent... (5 replies)
Induced period?
Mar 27, 2007
... I've had to do that a couple of times. They usually use Provera. Take the pill for about 10 days I think and you're period will usually start. ... (6 replies)
... The doc will probably put me on Clomid, which frankly scares me. I would like to have a normal period again and thus allow for the possibility of pregnancy, but to deliberately take a medicine that could very well make me pregnant is a tad frightening. ... (36 replies)
... ke you guys my FI is in the medical profession too. Hes PGY3 in ortho surgery. Still a long ways to go so I feel your pain about the no money thing. I did 5 days Provera at 10mg and just got my period but only for 1 day... which seemed really weird for me. ... (36 replies)
... o Provera and still nooo period. Waiting... ... (36 replies)
... Oddly, my period was totally regular my entire life until I had my first child and then it just mysteriously never returned... ... (6 replies)
... OK, last year I found out that I do not ovulate, and so I do not have a regular cycle. I was put on provera to make me start. I started and then the next month, when I started they put me on clomid. ... (2 replies)
... I am taking one Progesterone 10 mg each day for 5 days. When I start my period I am suppose to notify the doctor and she will set up some lab work for 3 weeks from that date. ... (6 replies)
... lled follistim cycle. 1st time follicles, but low estrogen. This time estrogen sort of OK, but only a cyst, no follicles. Last time, they gave me estrogen then provera and forced my cycle. This time they will let occur naturally, but couldn't tell me when to expect my period. I was cancelled yesterday CD12. ... (9 replies)
Provera - day 8
Dec 11, 2002
... jody af means "aunt flow' you are's a list of all the meanings and abbreviations for a little fyi..... ~kathy~ AF: Aunt Flow (your period). BBT: Basal Body Temperature, also referred to as waking temperature. This is the temperature measured when you wake up in the morning after at least 3 hours of sleep, before you start to move around. Use a special BBT... (6 replies)
... Your day one is the first day of full flow, not of spotting. Usually the REs do blood work on day 2 or 3, or even 4. Your flow may be lighter this time around as you were on provera. So keep that in mind. It may also be helpful to know your own symptoms, such as cramping, headaches, etc that you know you always get on day one. (1 replies)
... Hi Lizzie, ma belle!! :) That's a tough one! Now that it is afternoon, I am feeling a little bit better. And also because I cheated a little bit on my diet and had a choclate (or two) after lunch. Just those little semi-sweet nasties that are supposed to be healthier. But chocolate is chocolate!! I'm going to bed early tonight and hopefully no more bad... (21 replies)
... I would wait till after the weekend. As for the injections I do not know which ones they are talking about. I have only taken provera and that normally works for me. ... (6 replies)
... salut hopeful!!! I really hope this cycle is the cycle for you!!! i am sorry about your vacation being cut short. I don't have to worry abotu oing and such right now (I've just gotten my fist period in 7 months, so I really don't have a cycle LOL) but i do feel like IF rules my life, where when walking in a department shop, i will go the long way around to the part that I... (11 replies)

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