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Old eggs
Feb 18, 2006
... Old eggs means that you are in ovarian reserve stage. ... (4 replies)
... Pinkie, I think the odds of both follies releasing an egg are very good! Those are both excellent, mature sized follicles. Your comment was cute too, about increasing the population of the church. ... (11 replies)
... Depending on your RE's office, some will do 2 IUI's at 12 and then 36 hrs after the trigger and some do 1 IUI at 36 hours after. ... (11 replies)

... Hi Pinkie things are looking good and thats good that you got to do 2 IUI's.No need to thank us for the support thats odd that friends you know who went through IF dont give you much support. ... (11 replies)
... Hey Pinkie, that's great your first IUI went well and DH's counts were good! I really hope all goes well with IUI #2 tomorrow also! I'm also so glad we've found each other here... It's the greatest support I could ever imagine! And thank u for the congrats... I really hope your BFP is very soon to follow!!! (11 replies)
... Thanks Girls. You're all so sweet to be thinking about me. In about 30 minutes I leave for the RE's office. The trigger went well last night except DH didn't push in the needle hard enough, only went in about 1 cm and I told him to push it in all the way, so what does he do? pushes it in really SLOOOOWLY. Ouch! At least it's better that the first IUI (2 yrs ago) he... (11 replies)
... My RE said I should trigger tonight and the IUI will be tomorrow at 11am. I would like to do a second insemination on sunday a.m., but I don't know if it'll work in DH's schedule (he works at our church and may be hard to get him away). We'll just tell the pastor we're trying to increase the population of the church:D I'm starting to get a little nervous, in a good way. ... (11 replies)
Anyone Else 2 ww
Aug 31, 2006
... s and then the RE will decide if I need the trigger shot. I am crampy too it started this morning but I think it is the ovaries releasing the eggs or my mind is playing tricks on me. My AF should arrive around 9.13 if I am not pregnant. ... (18 replies)
Sep 16, 2004
... motility. I am releasing the eggs on my own everything, my tubes are clear etc. So as far as having an answer to why I am not becoming pregnant is your guess as good as mine! ... (12 replies)
... At first, the idea of releasing 2, or even 3 eggs, with Menopur sort of freaked me out. ... (15 replies)
... Could I have mature follicles and a trigger shot and still not be releasing the eggs? ... (6 replies)
... Pinkie, I'm glad all went well with IUI #1! Good luck today, and welcome to the 2ww! I hope that the wait goes very easily for you! Let us know how things went today! Love, Kelley (11 replies)
... Well the IUI went well. It looks like DH's numbers were good and we're going to do another IUI tomorrow at 1pm. I'm feeling pretty good now, it feels like any old Saturday (except I'm not working today- had to call in sick.) Kari- I wanted to congratulate you, that is so exciting. Even if the first number wasn't a mistake it's still a miracle. That is truely a... (11 replies)
... Hi Pinkie just want to wish you luck and I hope your 2ww flies by.Please know we will be here to help you pass the time.Again GOOD LUCK. Mapia (11 replies)
... Good Luck, Pinkie!! Hope your 2ww isn't too stressful:angel: (11 replies)
... The 2ww is so hard... It's nearly impossible not to drive yourself crazy. So, we will totally understand if you need to take a little break, but we will all be thinking of you and really hoping that this cycle is the one!!! I hope all went well with the trigger tonight, and I wish you the all the best for your IUI tomorrow!!!! Love, Kelley (11 replies)
... If there are two follicles the size of 20 and 18 what would be the chance that both would be released? I had an US today and I don't really know when I'm supposed to get the trigger shot and do the insemination but there was a 20mm in one ovary and a 18 in the other. I suspect they will continue to grow until they're released. Once the trigger shot is given is it usually... (11 replies)
... it to 100 mg, we saw a dramatic increase in my follicles once that was done. That did not work entirely so we added the HCG trigger shot to assist my ovaries in releasing my eggs. Then I continued with that and then ended up adding Follistim to the whole picture. I ended up getting PG but it was ectopic.......... ... (3 replies)
Sad today
Dec 29, 2002
... menopause and her body was not releasing good eggs so after 4 years of trying her and her hubby went IVF. ... (14 replies)
Late ovulation
May 16, 2003
... With too late or too early ovulation you may be releasing eggs that have not matured properly. ... (2 replies)

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