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Second Opinion
Feb 13, 2007
... c his attempt to do HSG failed and then IVF. Before we did surgery we decided to get a 2nd opinion. ... (6 replies)
First IVF
Aug 27, 2002
... to have a baby for almost two years and we have been going to our current doctor for six months. I did several months of clomid and we did two IUI's. After the second failed IUI and the results of his second SPA test came back they told us our only hope was IVF. ... (14 replies)
Second Opinion
Feb 13, 2007
... Just wondering if anyone has gotten a second opinion and if that doctors had told them something different. ... (6 replies)

... I have had 2 failed iui's and 2 failed ivf cycles, I am currently in the 2ww for the 3rd ivf cycle. ... (4 replies)
... first iui worked, second iui failed, why? ... (3 replies)
... I never bothered to ask as I just wanna get the IUI done as quickly as possible. I never thought IUI would work on me anymore after so many failed attempts. But my new RE insisted to do one more round before jumping to IVF. It was a second cycle with him. ... (28 replies)
... I haven't posted in a while. I had asked for advice regarding moving to injectables after a failed Clomid with IUI cycle ended in a chemical pregnancy. I did two cycles of injectables with IUI after that, both of which failed. ... (5 replies)
... making sure my fallopian tubes are open. Last, she gave me clomid and proceeded with IUI. I did my very first IUI cycle in October 2007. Unfortunately, is not successful either. ... (18 replies)
Newbie on Board!!!
Feb 23, 2010
... just leave all the worrying to my doctor otherwise I dont think i would be able to function. I've just got back on here after a couple of months break after my second failed fresh IVF cycle. ... (7 replies)
... Anyway, my sister got pregnant with her second IVF 4 months ago and it just struck me then that perhaps we should get professional help as well. ... (10 replies)
... I hope everyone's thanksgiving was better than mine. My second IUI has failed and I started a new cycle on Friday night. ... (11 replies)
... Tammy so sorry you are going through this. Nothing is perfect and even ifyou timed it to the second it dosnt mean it would happen. Just a brief summery about what happen to me. ... (11 replies)
... t takes many tries sometimes. and lots of us have taken breaks in between cycles to get ourselves emotionally and financially ready for the future cycle. i had 5 failed IUI's with injectables, then 1 failed IVF with ICSI, and then the second IVF with ICSI worked and i am 22 weeks along with twins now. ... (7 replies)
Jul 21, 2007
... talked and he said the same things you guys are saying and You and DH are right it only takes one. Maybe I just had to find that one good egg so I could have my second baby. All the failed IUI's make since now that I know my eggs aren't very good. ... (71 replies)
... I am sorry that your second cycle did not work, but I truly hope that the next one will be the one. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Amy:wave: and welcome.I am sorry ur first attempt failed, but u have to be patient iui has only a 25% to work every month and I think that drop after the age of 35.Maybe u should look into IVF not waste time on IUI. IVF has much higher %.Well I am glad u joined our group here.We have all grown to really care for eachother and always here to support one another.I hope u feel... (10 replies)
May 4, 2004
... don't give up. After that I had one more failed IUI until I finanlly went to IVF. ... (230 replies)
... The last two I failed because I had cysts. ... (5 replies)
... Point of note, the letter incorrectly stated that I had failed 2 IVF treatments. ... (4 replies)
... Marie, I'm so sorry that the result wasn't what you (and we!) had hoped for! Did you get a beta before your AF came? I think that's probably the only way you'd know for sure if there was an initial fertilization. (My 1st IUI was a chemical pregnancy, which my betas showed -- the first was a low positive result and the second showed my beta even lower). And I would... (3 replies)

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