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... I am surprised that your RE isn't doing ultrasounds to monitor the size of the follicule. ... (9 replies)
... My DR started me out with 50mg the first month, 50mg the second month, 100mg the third month and 150mg the fourth month. I just saw the DR and he said I need to try other fertility drugs. ... (1 replies)
The dreaded 2WW
Nov 21, 2005
... I love these boards. It's so nice to have someone to go through these experiences with. I had to give myself shots for 2 days so I would not ovulate, then another shot to make me ovulate. I think my body is going "what the heck do you want from me? ... (65 replies)

... Once I was accurately diagnosed, I was able to concieve with only 3 months of fertility treatments. ... (4 replies)
Nov 3, 2002
... I don't ovulate so I have to take the puregon to make my follicles grow, then I will take the HCG shot to make myself ovulate. If you are ovulating on your own with the help of clomid or what ever, then it is just one shot. ... (8 replies)
May 2, 2006
... They give me another medication so I do NOT ovulate. When I was doing the IUI I took a shot to make me ovulate, but I have not ovulated on my own for over three years, so... ... (7 replies)
... If you feel you don't need the clomid to ovulate you need to talk to your dr. I am on the clomid and I have been getting later and later into my cycle before it seems things are ready. ... (3 replies)
... which is what lead to finding out I don't ovulate. Things that I think may be from the PCOS is acne and severe oiliness, some mild facial hair growth, and the anovulation. ... (10 replies)
1st day of Clomid
Sep 14, 2003
... My symptoms sound identical to Army Wife's. This was also my first round. ... (8 replies)
... morning and two at night. i did the subq shots in my tummy. it didnt hurt that bad at all, just making yourself doit is the hardest. that will be anywhere from 8 to 12 days, then the hcg shot to make you ovulate, and then 36 hours after the trigger you will have retrieval. ... (3 replies)
... type symptoms throughout the 2ww. This is because the meds expand the size of your ovaries, then the trigger shot to make you finally ovulate is actually pregnancy hormone and it stays in your system for two weeks, so you can get pregnancy symptoms during this time. ... (9 replies)
... I usually the 2 days after I had the positive LH test, or whenever my follicles were big enough, which they tell from the ultrasound. The doctor would give me a shot to make me ovulate, before the IUI, or BD in your case. I also had a bloodtest run each month. My doctor tested different things each month, just to make sure. ... (2 replies)
Sept/Oct IVF
Sep 5, 2007
... Mady, good luck with your stims, I hope AF shows her beautiful face really soon. Thanks Ruby, I heard about your appt. troubles on the other thread I hope things turn around for you. You have such an amazing attitude :) Thanks so much Holly, I hope classes are going well for you and you are enjoying your break this month. Have you and BF decided what your next step will... (183 replies)
... The needles are nothing, don't worry about it. And very few people get side effects but you'll be monitored carefully to make sure you don't get overstimulated. The main side effect to worry about is the annoyance of getting pregnancy symptoms during the 2ww. ... (6 replies)
... ctually had a dr. appt today and some eggs are growing. i too, was not ovulating in the past year i think maybe 3 times on my own but the rest were from another shot to make me ovulate. i have taken many unhappy pregnancy tests over the past year! i actually was told to take gonal f right in the abdomin!! ... (4 replies)
... Failed 2nd IUI with clomid. Was suppose to start injection pen tonight. ... (0 replies)
Hello Everyone
Nov 16, 2007
... istina and I doing fertility treatments with follastim aq I have actually lost track of how many times I have done this but I had surgery a couple of months ago to remove some polyps..... so this is my 1st month of trying without them there. ... (1 replies)
... cles got a slow start, but they upped the dosage and they grew very well in the last few days! I stimmed for about 10 days and then I had to give myself 2 shots to HOLD OFF ovulation, then the HCG shot to make myself ovulate, since my LH levels were increasing before the follicles were developed enough. ... (4 replies)
HCG shot
Aug 19, 2002
... I happened to go to the Gyn for a check up and I was actually ovulating on my own. This was a miracle!!! He then checked me the next day and the follie was 20. ... (4 replies)
New-need help
Nov 9, 2004
... I dont want to scare you but i think you need to see an RE. ... (6 replies)

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