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... s today to check if more follicles since Friday since i have had to upp my dosage from 225 to 300 now and yes i now have 12 instead of 6.... ... (80 replies)
... F this cycle for 14 days now. I started at 75 and I am up too 150. The doc was taking it slow because of hyperstimulation last cycle. My E2 levels are only at 241 today. ... (0 replies)
... Heyknack, can you told me what happened after your IUI with 6 follicles? I am about to do one, have the same number and I am worried about triplets or more! i would like twins though... thanks a lot Ivana (8 replies)

... size of the follicles and estrogen levels. ... (8 replies)
... Thanks for your help and advice I had a 14 on the right and a 22 and 20 on the left However had to comehome from work today - got terrible pains in lower stomach - lots of pulling sensations so think period is on its way! Still doc today advised me she was happy with my response to the drug and to continue as I am for next month - so thats a positive Thanks again Macca (6 replies)
First time IVF
Jun 2, 2006
... On my last appt I had 4 follicles that were size 14, 3 size 12, 3 size 11, and others 10 and smaller. I know there is no actual way to tell how many they will retrieve until that time, but I am nervous about freezing. ... (41 replies)
... Hello I am new to this board and found it through a search. I really just need somewhere to go and talk with others who have been trying to conceive or those who have had problems conceiving. Just a little info about my situation. My husband is currently 40 with 3 children from a previous relationship. We've been married for 3 years and TTC for 2 years or so. At first we... (2 replies)
Clomid question
Oct 4, 2005
... then on day 14 I get my ultrasound to show how my follicles look and to tell which tube I am ovulating from. ... (3 replies)
... I am sorry to hear about your follicles not being the size they should be. This whole thing can be extremely frustrating. I just hope that since you are early in your stimming that things might continue to grow. ... (45 replies)
... F my RE monitored the size closely, they also should be taking blood to monitor your LH levels which would tell him when you are close to O'ing on your own. ... (20 replies)
... My retrieval is now Nov 6th. They are giving my follicles one more day to grow. I went for acupuncture yesterday to hopefully help the process along. I don't know what E2 is but my follicle count is low but my Dr. ... (17 replies)
... My story. I am 30, my husband is 31. We are both "healthy". We have been trying for 14 months. My husband has been tested and is fine. ... (0 replies)
... INFERTILITY 1. Introduction: (i) Couple married for 10 years. No history of infertility in both partners’ family 2. Female Partner:(i) Female partner’s age 35yrs (ii) Normal menstruation period observed (28 – 30 days) (iii) Not diabetic (iv) Mild Obesity (v) Laparoscopy done on May 2002 and March 2008. Observations made in May 2002... (0 replies)
... but my lining wasn't as thick as they wanted to see it and my follicles were not mature enough to trigger ovulation, so they sent me home for more shots. ... (13 replies)
Newbie Here
Nov 3, 2006
... As far as how they tell if the clomid is working, I have a always went in on either day 12 or 14 and they look at the lining of the uterus, and the size of the follicles to see how your body responded to the clomid. I think you need to have a least one follicle that is 12mm? ... (16 replies)
... My RE has never told me that IUI is done on a specific day of my cycle, is your RE monitoring your cycle and follicle count/ size? It is different for everyone and can also be with every cycle. I typically have a 32 day cycle and just had an IUI today on CD14, but have had IUI's on CD 12, 13, 14 & 15, it really just depends on how your body is responding to any treatments... (13 replies)
... Well, the doc called and said I have 3 follicles. One is 14 mm and the other 2 are 12mm. Back on Saturday for another ultrasound. ... (5 replies)
... first IVF. and my second marriage. Hubby hasn't never had children. He has gone through 3 IVF with his ex wife. no success. I have had children with MY ex, but 14 yrs. ago I had my tubes tied. ... (104 replies)
Hello I'm New!
Jan 21, 2003
... mean follicles. They have to be a certain size before the Dr. gives you an IUI. This is measured on an ultrasound. They generally like to have at least 2 good ones. ... (10 replies)
... I have had low E2 levels for this cycle. They actually dropped 1 day. Today I went to the doctor and had 3-18's, 1-17, 4-16's, 1-15, and 1-14 sized follicles. My E2 levels came back and were only at 281. They told me to trigger tonight. I'm so confused on why my levels are so low. I was under the impression that E2 levels needed to be between 200-300 per mature. Well, I... (0 replies)

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