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Follicle size
Jul 13, 2006
... I went in for my 2nd ultrasound to check on my follies. I have 3 that are over 10. The two on my left are I think 16 and 15 in size and the one on my right is 12. ... (12 replies)
... he procedure but nothing that bothered me. I was told I could take Tylenol but it didnt hurt that much. Absolutely no aspirin, no ibuprofen, no lifting more than 15 lbs. But my biggest follicle was only 16mm 2 days prior the IUI and I had the trigger shot a day before IUI. ... (33 replies)
Follicle size
Jul 13, 2006
... I've been told that any follies over size 14 can be triggered and don't forget that they grow by 2mm every day so they'll be a little bigger when you get the trigger. ... (12 replies)

Follicle size
Jul 14, 2006
... So I talked to the doctor yesterday...and I did one more FSH injection last night and tonight I will do the trigger at 10pm with the IUI on Sunday morning. I have follicles that are 15, 16 and a 12. they said that the 12 probably won't be ready by sunday but who knows. I hope the HCG shot doesn't hurt...the other ones I can't feel at all! i definately like being off of... (12 replies)
Ovulation Question
Sep 22, 2004
... Do you know what size the follicle was that was still there was? ... (45 replies)
... They have been steadly growing through my cycle even with the low E2. Does the E2 really matter if you are having good response in follicle size. I'm on Gonal. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm not having a good feeling about this cycle. ... (0 replies)
Already Ovulated?
Mar 19, 2007
... Ok, so my visit to my RE was kind of disappointing today. I had an appt on Saturday to check follicle size, and I had two on my left around 14 or 15 and one on my right only about 12... They said I should be ready on Monday, so I came in this morning, and my left ones were gone. ... (6 replies)
... I took Clomid and HCG trigger as well. Generally your follicles will grow 2mm per day. The appropriate size they should be at for an HCG trigger would be about 18mm. If you go back in 2 days, they should be around 18mm, 12mm and 14mm. ... (2 replies)
Follicle growth
Apr 17, 2004
... and I had my egg collection 4 days after that so I assume they were around the 'right' size then. ... (2 replies)
Chlomid & HCG use
Oct 25, 2002
... one for induction of menustral cycle followed by chlomid. we started at 50 mg and progressed to 100 mg in the last cycle. Ultra sound tests taken regularly. when follicle size of 15 mm was achieved, i was given a shot of HCG. now it is more than a month and the gravindex test has come negative. ... (0 replies)
Mixed Emotions
Mar 7, 2001
... I should be happy right now but for some reason I'm just sad and scared. I'm almost 35 years old and my husband is 38. I have had PCOS for approximately 17 years and finally got Diagnosed the fall of 1999. I tried to get pregnant about 10 years ago and did a few cycles of Clomid, 50 mg but it never worked. I gave up crying over my period and told myself I would just never... (1 replies)
... your numbers are really good. I just did my first round of IUI with stims. My RE told me that anything sized over 15 is mature for an IUI cycle and with your estradiol levels 200 is equal to having one mature egg inside the follicle. ... (17 replies)
Oct 4, 2003
... YES! It is a follicle stimulating drug, which needs to be monitored VERY closely. ... (31 replies)
Questions on IUI
Apr 11, 2012
... Had HuMog injections from day 2 till day 14. Had a HCG trigger at 10pm on Day 14. I had only one follicle of 16mm size. ... (0 replies)
... Heyknack, can you told me what happened after your IUI with 6 follicles? I am about to do one, have the same number and I am worried about triplets or more! i would like twins though... thanks a lot Ivana (8 replies)
... of those follicles were likely ready to go. So, I think it all depends on the individual's situation. Your follicle sizes are all really good. Good luck!! ... (8 replies)
... when they feel the follicle is big enough to have a mature egg, and when your hormone levels look good. ... (5 replies)
... My RE has never told me that IUI is done on a specific day of my cycle, is your RE monitoring your cycle and follicle count/ size? It is different for everyone and can also be with every cycle. I typically have a 32 day cycle and just had an IUI today on CD14, but have had IUI's on CD 12, 13, 14 & 15, it really just depends on how your body is responding to any treatments... (13 replies)
... Ladytafs - I wish i had seen your post earlier ... i am in the same situation. After 3 unsuccessful IUI's, my doctor *finally* (belatedly, i think) tested my FSH via a clomid challenge test. My day 3 result was fine, but my day 10 was in the 40's. He told us to give up and pursue either adoption or egg donation. I proceeded to do *a lot* of research on the topic. Here's... (6 replies)
Cycle out of joint
Sep 30, 2003
... Went for ultrasound on day 12, had follicle measuring 18. Couldn't produce a drop of CM through fair means or foul until day 15, when suddenly through the grace of Robitussin it began. ... (0 replies)

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