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... Hi everyone! I was wondering if any of you have a situation similar to mine. I was checked by my Dr a little over 2 months ago because I had abdomen pain during intercourse. Through an exam my obgyn determined that my ovaries are very tender and quite sore - oh did it hurt when she pushed on them! She said it may be a sign of endometriosis. Since endometriosis can cause... (14 replies)
... Hi Laurabelle! I have experienced something a little similiar to you. I have pain in my ovaries, during my periods, and sometimes w/ intercourse. I had a lap done a couple of weeks ago because of pelvic pain. My OB was the one who did the sugery. My fallopian tubes are very swollen and blocked. I have severe adhesions on my liver, bladder, and intestines, but no endo. My... (14 replies)
... Hi Laura! Okay, first of all...take a deep are young and have not been trying very long and chances are that everything is just fine. I am 36 (35 at the time of my lap) and I was put on the "fast track" because of it. That is why we went straight to IUI. Yes, I have been told that I can get pg naturally too. It has not happened yet - but last year was EXTREMELY... (14 replies)

... I am 22. DH is 23. My pain during intercourse is right where my ovaries are. Sometimes it isn't much but sometimes it is more. ... (14 replies)
... not too much and it was thick and kind TMI creamy. And I had a couple of light twinges. And today, I have something like cramping and sore ovaries.....but little to no CM. What's going on? ... (79 replies)
... Hi Princess I am glad that you are staying so positive.:D You are such an inspiration on this board. As for your twinges and sore ovaries I might have been O but I would still BD over the weekend just incase:D:D. You are going to get your BFP. We have a long weekend here so I am off till Tuesday. I have to work for the new owner for a month so I can introduce my clients to... (79 replies)
... yesterday, I had a couple of very very light twinges, and some thick creamy CM. And today sore ovaries, cramping and little to no CM. I have no idea what's going on. ... (79 replies)
... I'm glad to hear that sore ovaries is "normal". Because mine still kind of hurt, but getting better. ... (45 replies)
Abdomen sore??
Aug 25, 2006
... Now, after that we did IVF, then they stimulated my ovaries with Follistim. I was so much in pain and so balooned up that I looked like 6 months pregnant. ... (5 replies)
... OHSS is SERIOUS, and my RE monitored me carefully. They need to "hyperstimulate" but not "over stimulate." Although I had some discomfort from the sore ovaries, I otherwise had no side effects. the ones you listed on the other thread never occurred to me. Clomid was much worse, from my experience. ... (9 replies)
... Anna, I do hope that you get to keep your tube and ovary! And that's rough...having to laps in a month! I haven't heard of that yet. Do you think you could post the various questions you asked? I would have no idea where to start. Thank you so much for posting in this thread! I appreciate it! I certainly wish you well and hope all goes for the best! ~Laura~ (14 replies)
... Yes,I do see an RE. I only have a few in my area as well. I just asked tons of questions on the phone then I made a couple of appt's with a couple and asked the doctors themselves anything I wanted to ask. I used to be timid about asking questions but now I ask away. I picked the best one I thought and went from there. It's hard to decide but just go with your instincts once... (14 replies)
... I am not having a lot of pain..lonly occasionaly during intercourse. Although I do know that the amount of pain you have does not correlate with how bad the endo may be. So little pain may still mean severe endo. And a lot of pain can still mean mild endo. I see my Dr again in Feb to talk about my cycles. I am going to see about doing the lap in May. How do you research a... (14 replies)
... Hello. If you have been TTC for a long time and your pain has been for a long time as well,I would go to the specialist ASAP. Do not wait 6 months. I was told years ago by my then,GYN to wait a year. I said no way and went straight to a specialist. He did the Lap immediately and told me if I'd have waited that my insides would have been almost irrepairable. The longer you... (14 replies)
... Hello, I went to the doctors for years with pain. I am 23 an dI have been trying to get pregnant. Come to find out last March I had endemetrious. When they did the LAp surgury I had a full stomach full. They removed to full large jars. It was wrapped around everything. I am trying to get pregnant. I have been putting in HSG off because I am scared has anyone had it was it... (14 replies)
... Oh, just to clarify...we aren't doing iui or anything such as that yet. We are still trying on our own for now. Too soon to decide to do iui or anything. In Feb. I go to my obgyn to discuss my cycle charts and then if I am still not pregnant by May then we will see about laparoscopy and seeing a RE. We will be starting out ttc fun this weekend. I am taking robutussin as many... (14 replies)
... Hi Again Laurabelle! Your welcome for the response. Hopefully, I will be starting IVF soon. I don't think they will be able to unblock my tubes b/c the damage is probably worse inside and I also would have a higher chance of having a ectopic pg. I will probably have better results w/ IVF if I get my tubes tied or taken out. I just found that out recently. I am still learning... (14 replies)
... Hi amblessed2! Thanks as well for your response. Will you be trying IVF soon? Can they not unblock your fallopian tubes? If a women's fallopian tubes are blocked is there even a way to ever get them unblocked? I am quickly learning about some of this stuff but will continue to have questions as I study and learn. Have you been ttc? And if so how long? I sure hope it... (14 replies)
... Hi laurabelle, just wanted to say good luck on the 22nd - i go for blood tests on monday to see what hormones i am producing - if any yet! and then if no luck off to the gyn to do more tests and possible laparoscopy. It has helped reading your posts and the replies you have recieved as i did not understand much of this to begin with but now it seems to be coming clear,... (14 replies)
... Oh I hope I don't seem very stressed - I'm really not. I know I am young and haven't been trying long. I just really do hope to get pregnant and not do the lap since it is surgery and all. I am the type of person that likes to be informed - therefore I often research things that I am interested in or health issues that I am or may be dealing with. It works out well because... (14 replies)

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