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... few more quick questions...RE taking care of us said that there is no other option for us to get pregnent than ICSI and that we should do it as soon as possible ... ... (12 replies)
... medication from weeks before the SA. Since the full sperm making process is like 70 days. Unfortunately for us, his numbers went from bad to worse the second time. ... (12 replies)
May 29, 2002
... we've also done 4 IUI's. there were times that my hubby's sperm morphology was low, and sometimes normal. my RE said that 3 IUIs with injections are enough, in order to move to IVF. we've just done it this week. ... (6 replies)

... We decided in the end to just go with IVF as it is so much less invasive, and the sperm sample was pretty good today. I hope this turns out to be a good decision and at least a few of them fertilise! ... (22 replies)
Morphology 0%
Dec 10, 2006
... did you Guys do this sperm tissue test before trying ivf with icsi? ... (6 replies)
Morphology 0%
Dec 9, 2006
... monika i read your story but dont give up husband had same problem he had surgery and evreything his sperm ct was very low evreything we did ivf with icsi and first try got pregnant with twins but lost one have beautiful baby boy.hes well worth it and were doing it again next month with left over embryos. ... (6 replies)
... I think IUI can be helpful to patients with low sperm count, but only under certain circumstances. First, what is the total motile count? ... (11 replies)
... he said out of all three he would rather do the ICSI method as it is the only one that still has a "selection process" of survival of the fittest...even though someone has a "hand" in that process. ... (4 replies)
What now?
Aug 18, 2005
... If you discuss IVF with your doc, be SURE to discuss ICSI. Since you're DH's sperm is most likely the cause, but it's still 'ok' according to one of his doctors, then ICSI would be a fabulous idea. ... (11 replies)
... even more abnormal. I don't want to discourage you but I would recommend you have RE explain to you what is the average percentage they look for on motility and morphology so you have an idea of where you DH fits in on the average. Motility and morphology are just as important as count. ... (11 replies)
... My husband and I received his sperm results this Wed. ... (12 replies)
... with 6 failed IUI and 1 failed IVF and one cancelled IVF, I changed to another clinic only to discover that my dh sperm not only had poor motility,but also such poor morphology,that his sperm heads penetrating my eggs was highly unlikely. ... (9 replies)
... Those sound like low numbers for IUI, so the doctor might suggest going to IVF or ICSI directly. Nutrition does affect sperm counts. ... (4 replies)
What next?
Sep 17, 2002
... hours later a Dr. goes in and takes a sample, similar to a pap smear. The sample is then looked at under a microscope to see if the sperm are able to swim and live in the mucous. If it is found that the mucous is a hostile environment for the sperm IUI is almost always the recommended course. ... (2 replies)
... out IVF and ICSI. Seeing as how I appear to be very good at producing mature eggs and all, I now accept that it is probably the poor morphology which has held us back. ... (146 replies)
... ayers for me. I wanted to add that despite the bad news that I was eggless, that there was one bit of good in that the clinic has found my dh now had much better sperm quality than before,so good that they did not think ICSI would have been needed if there was an egg. ... (93 replies)
... Hello! Thank you so much for your reply. Good luck with the ICSI! So do the docs think your husband low motility is attributed to his diabetes? Just FYI NHS is National Health Service, as in the UK we pay for our health care through non optional contribution in our wages, so our health care is (sort of) free. Thanks again! (2 replies)
... I think is the best, or the best that I've heard aside from a blast. Did you do ICSI and AH? ... (23 replies)
... Thanks Viktorria, Yigo, Kathy, and Amy, Kathy: My DH is going to the office to pick up lab requests tomorrow, and I'm going to ask him to get a copy of the report, so I can check on the morphology #'s. I appreciate you posting your DH's #'s to reference against. I am cautiously optimistic, but pleased that he has his own sperm. I was previously under the assumption that... (11 replies)
... I am planning to start a 3rd IVF cycle in a few weeks. I changed clinics to do this cycle and it was found by this clinic that my dh sperm has very poor morphology so we need IVF/ICSI. I looked onto mf infertility and found information about a herb called PYCNOGENOL which some consider improves sperm quality significantly,so my dh has been taking it plus multivits,zinc and... (7 replies)

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