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Spotting after IVF
Mar 11, 2007
... I've heard that pregnant women who go through IVF tend to spot more than women who conceive naturally, so even if its not implantation bleeding it still could mean you are pregnant. ... (2 replies)
... Im 42 and just had ivf after saving for one year. Blocked tubes means that ivf was our only option. I feel so guilty as there is nothing wrong with my husband, I feel guilty for him marrying me. ... (5 replies)
... Apparently there exists a phenomenon called the IVF tourist. My first thought when informed of this was of someone in golf pants and white joggers doing tours of IVF clinics during their annual leave. ... (0 replies)

... i get the lumps in my bum and they hurt!! i try to use a different spot each time, but then i just get lumps all over, they hurt when i sit, and when i walk any my booty shakes i feel the pain.. ... (27 replies)
Summer IVF Girls
Jun 21, 2007
... o excited you 2 are starting so sooon. one you start lupron things kinda fly by i think. especially if you are on BCP with it, because your period will come SOON after you stop BCP, my first ivf i didnt take BCP and it took a little longer for AF to start when i started the lupron. anyway!! ... (525 replies)
... This is very interesting. DH and I have been diagnosed with unexplained IF and are currently awaiting our spot for the June IVF cycle, so we certainly have some time on our hands. Def worth a shot and won't cause any harm. ... (18 replies)
... Today was the last day of my birth control pill. We also started the Lupron shots this morning. After my DH gave me the shot it was really red and was burning. I didn't think anything of it and left for work. ... (30 replies)
... I did not leave until after 7 I was so tired. ... (18 replies)
IVF Question
Apr 23, 2006
... They hurt a few times going in. My advice is to heat up the needle in hot water to soften the oil, massage the spot afterwards and and never ice! ... (9 replies)
... shrimp like thing.!! i was freaked out.. and disturbed for some time!!! i was told oh dont worry its jsut some tissue.. a nice way of saying the Baby.. because after that my cramps werent bad, and all i did was spot for a few days.. its very scary to pass a pregnancy, especually when you dont expect.. it. !! you are def. ... (14 replies)
Prog Supp
Dec 28, 2006
... i was never on them! thank goodness they sound gross :) but i did read that they are messy so its def normal, but dont request the injection, im not a baby AT ALL when it comes to shot, and these are the worst thing in the world to me, its not the shot, or the fact that it takes time to go in because its so thick.. its the after effect, and i tried the warming, the massaging... (17 replies)
... ng! I got emotional on the day I did my final test. Although I had constipation, I was associating that with the meds. But generally ...I felt nothing, didn't spot or cramp. After the day i got my good news I started feeling like a period coming on. ... (57 replies)
... makes it's easier. If you look around this site, you'll see that others have also used it who have DH's with severe male factor. One woman had it done one day after retrieval as they had discovered his sperm swam sideways. Something they hadn't discovered in all that time. So, the ICSI worked really well for them. ... (57 replies)
Summer IVF Girls
Jul 6, 2007
... I got my meds today and have already taken the 1st lupron, it was not bad as I thought but hey, the spot is already paining so how am I gonna feel after 2weeks of this? ... (525 replies)
IVF girls
Mar 26, 2007
... better! We ice the area for about 10 or so minutes with an icepack. Then I lay on my bed on my stomach and he gives me the shot. Right after, he massages the spot really well and then I sit with a heating pad for about 15 minutes. It helps TREMENDOUSLY!!!! I barely even feel the needle go in!! ... (227 replies)
IVF girls
Feb 28, 2007
... your good news. It is so awesome that you can move forward. You and DH must be so happy. Bring on the stims! Let's grow many many follies. this was a good day after all! ... (227 replies)
... yes, ive never heard of anyone not taking lupron :) ive never missed or skipped a period in my life and they made me do it !... lupron suppresses ovulation i think... it makes u not ovulate, when u are on it after about 8-12 days or so u get a "lupron period" ur lining is shedding but thats it, not an actual period... some people only spot, then u stim and take a trigger shot... (4 replies)
... What are these symptoms that everyone is talking about after a transfer? ... (57 replies)
... cramping, or you're bleeding like a regular period I would call the doctor. BUT....if my calculations are shouldn't be due for your period until after your 8 or 10 day blood draw anyway. A couple of days to be exact. ... (57 replies)
... We tried running my first progesterone shot under warm water last night and it worked well. My dr recommended that I try warm heat on the injection spot prior to the injection and after and it seemed to work pretty well. ... (57 replies)

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