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After iui
May 1, 2010
... days after iui, so probably no symptoms of pregnancy yet. You might experience implantation spotting, some people do, and then after implantation any of the early preg. symptoms might apply, like nausea, light headed, sore bbs, frequent urination, fatigue, cramps, bloated. Hope that helps! ... (1 replies)
... I'm spotting, just a tiny, tiny bit light orangy pink on 10 days post IUI which was yesterday. My 2ww was uneventful until yesterday. ... (21 replies)
... Okay, I am certainly not a newbie to IUI but wondering what other RE say about what not to do after IUI. ... (5 replies)

... How many days post IUI are you? ... (41 replies)
Cramps after iui
Jun 25, 2012
... ries, if you're not already on them. It gave me the peace of mind knowing I wasn't going to see blood every time I ran to the loo! Of course, some women get some spotting from the progesterone and also cramping, so you really can't win! Totally normal though. ... (1 replies)
... Shereena, I have just got my BFP, and I had brown spotting with a bit of red here and there I was worried that it was going to be AF but as it turns out it was implantation bleeding, so maybe you are expriencing the same. Good luck as long as AF does not show you still have a chance. ... (41 replies)
... I didn't really have any symptoms when I took the test. I really thought that the IUI didn't work. I actually had more symptoms in prior months when I got BFNs. I was stunned. You definitely should not give up hope. ... (42 replies)
... canceled. So it was the 3rd IUI with the injectibles. And I had spotting with all 3 cycles. ... (0 replies)
... i could not figure out from the post... I had IUI on the 15th after the IUI i had cramps on the 1,2,3,4, days post IUI. ... (21 replies)
... the others were too small to count. The washed sperm count for the iUI was 30 million. My day 21 progesterone was 55.5. I had spotting 3.5 days after the IUI and 12 days after the IUI. ... (42 replies)
... when I had spotting for 2 days but no cramps. It was very very light orangy pinkish. ... (21 replies)
... I haven't had any spotting but I have been having cramps like AF is coming but nothing has happened. I have had spotting after an IUI before but AF came 4 days before 2WW was up. My Dr. said that spotting can occur with the implantation process. I think you should still take a test. ... (14 replies)
Spotting question
Apr 20, 2001
... Hi All Just a quick question. I had my first IUI insemination on Monday, and today I am spotting, not the same as pre-menstrual spotting, more fresh looking than that (gross, I know...sorry). Only 4 days has passed since the IUI, I am a little concerned as I feel this may be too early for implantation yet too late to be an after-effect of the treatment. Any opinions?? Thanks... (0 replies)
... Now thinking back about IUI no 1, I think that doctor totally missed my ovulation. I had 2 inseminations, one 36 h after trigger, second 60 h after! This time I only had 1, but well timed at 24 h post trigger. ... (47 replies)
... I think implantation bleeding varies from person to person. I had implantation bleeding but mine was more brown red and it was 10 days after my IUI and it lasted for 4 days. ... (1 replies)
... Well i hope it's implantation bleeding! You may have to ask your Dr. about it more. We get to test on the same day! ... (13 replies)
... ny notice of the test because I have had unreliable results before. I have had a false positve and a false negative. My theory is that yesterday I still had some spotting so it means that hopefully my beanie was snuggling in and it is too soon for the HPT to pick up the hormone. ... (44 replies)
... days after ovulation, but not every woman experiences the spotting. ... (5 replies)
Weird cycle??
Mar 10, 2007
... Hey Anna Leigh I am fine u might of heard I had some brown discharge which I think was implantation spotting but not getting my hopes up.I have never had this brown discharge 7 days after IUI,which is when implantation should have occured if I did get pregnant. ... (65 replies)
... days early, I had spotting for about 4 days before, really thought it was implantation spotting but af came lot of heavy bleeding and clots. I was out of town on business when af came so can't do another cycle this month. ... (3 replies)

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