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... hen I am happy I just have this coolness about me they say.They also dont believe how much patience I can have with most situations.Anyway I guess it all depends on how I feel in the morning.Holly dont give up hope maybe u should go in for a bloodtest. Some women do implant later like Dana said. ... (285 replies)
... one in about a week to test hormone levels and then another a week or so after that for beta. I'll let you know when my big day is. Will you test at home prior to beta? ... (17 replies)
FET - Take Two!
Jan 15, 2008
... All is good... still had lots of spotting the last couple of days, it really was very similar to my normal AF. ... (79 replies)

... I called the nurse on monday and told her that id had slight cramping and out of all my loo visits one would have spotting each day she said she thought it was way too early to be af but to hang fire as my af date is friday 17th anyway. ... (28 replies)
Who's in the 2ww?
Nov 26, 2006
... red spotting I had that night, I thought for sure I was going to get bad news for my 2nd beta the next day. Luckily, everything was okay. ... (138 replies)
Who's in the 2ww?
Nov 18, 2006
... Leah, I'm sorry to hear that Janice's beta came out negative. You mentioned that she started spotting and felt that AF was comming, but we always keep that hope that there could be still a chance for a positive. ... (138 replies)
Aug 13, 2006
... Hang in there. When I was spotting I was certain that i was going to have a bfn. My husband and i decided to take some time off also just to clear our minds. ... (10 replies)
... It is now 15dpo. I tested on 11dpo..and then I saw spotting I thought for sure AF was coming..but it didn't. I haven't tested since. I am going to be brave and wait til Wed. to get a beta HCG up at the hospital. ... (4 replies)
... so I went for a beta this morning. ... (26 replies)
... Sorry girls, it took me this long to respond back. I cried all day yesterday not because I had a bfn but because I had a hurricane in my tommy in the name of AF. DH was so scared that he almost called emergency on me lol. ... (57 replies)
August IVF
Sep 6, 2007
... I think for most women taking progesterone will prohibit AF from coming. I have never gotten her when doing the shots. Last time when i got my beta results the nurse of course said ok you can stop the shots now since you aren't pg and it took 4 days for AF to show. I also do crinone once a day now. ... (157 replies)
... ut all could still be ok. I took a test at home last week,and it was negative. I know, I know, too early! I have been reluctant since to retest. I had very faint spotting yesterday, but that was it. I am feeling that AF is coming any day now. I go in tomorrow for a Beta test. Has anyone had an experiance like this? ... (17 replies)
2 week wait UGG!
Sep 28, 2010
... late by a week and now this AF came 5 days early and with a vengance. So the hospital called to do my Tubal Cannulation this Friday but it would have only been day 7 and might have been possible spotting so won't do it this month. So I guess I will trying to get it done next month. ... (116 replies)
... Hope you all are having a good weekend so far! I had FET this past Monday and go in for the beta on Wednesday. ... (0 replies)
... wow... af is not here yet. Maybe if it not here yet for a day or so more it might be a good idea to go have a beta done? ... (75 replies)
... not from a beta or hpt. And we can start right away on next cycle. ... (49 replies)
U/S yesterday
Mar 21, 2008
... s and was happy in my own little world just assuming all was good. I've been so lucky not to have any spotting or any scares. ... (16 replies)
... ny notice of the test because I have had unreliable results before. I have had a false positve and a false negative. My theory is that yesterday I still had some spotting so it means that hopefully my beanie was snuggling in and it is too soon for the HPT to pick up the hormone. ... (44 replies)
... Ladies, thank you all for the kind words. I havent felt anything yet as well. But I didnt feel anything as well last month except for that early spotting which I thought could be implantation bleeding but it wasnt. ... (76 replies)
Sep 10, 2007
... Oh Holly. I just got back from beta and have to get ready for work but i have to tell you i have a lump in my throat and i feel so scared i want to throw up. ... (22 replies)

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