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... Thank you for the pointers and your input! I never thought getting pregnant was such a science project-how ignorant of me! I'm glad to hear that for some of you ivf/icsi has worked. It seems that it takes at least a couple of cycles. Congrats to all of you with babies and good luck to those who are trying! I will definitely try accupuncture (my IVF center offers it). In the... (25 replies)
... I can understand being nervous. I had done two IUI cycles before my IVF so I was familiar with some of the shots, and the monitoring. ... (57 replies)
... and we did IVF with ICSI back in Oct and of 19 mature eggs, we had 17 successfully fertilized using ICSI! ... (25 replies)

... My Dh had count and morph issues so I did IVF with ICSI back in '06. I started with the first fresh cycle which ended in a BFN. We were able to freeze 2 but my frozen cycle ended in a chemical pg. ... (25 replies)
... RE said our only option was IVF with ICSI. ... (57 replies)
... We had 5 IVF attempts, and three ICSI's. On our third ICSI attempt it worked!! ... (25 replies)
... If I'm not pg now, I will be doing an IVF with ICSI cycle in July, so maybe we can be cycle buddies! ... (25 replies)
... Hi Newenglander and welcome Im so sorry you have to go through all this I too have done IVF/PESA/ICSI but I hyperstimulated so after the E/R I had to do a freeze all so didnt get to the E/T, but I have 9 frosties waiting for me. I think 50% is a pretty good success rate and if you think about it even the most fertile couple has only a 25% chance of conceiving each month so... (25 replies)
... My husband has very, very low sperm count and next week we'll be seeing the RE to discuss our options. So far it looks like we'll be going through IVF and ICSI. ... (25 replies)
... I know this process is overwhelming, I've been there. But now, only 2 years after starting my treatments, I have a healthy beautiful one year old daughter from the experience and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Take it one day at a time. ... (25 replies)
... your journey. I hope you will find success too. IVF definitely has the highest success rates of any treatments out there. ... (25 replies)
... So I'll probably start the other stuff probably mid to end of july. This is just such a relief to talk to others about what's going on. KM, I'd love to be your IVF buddy! So keep me posted, and I'll do the same! Congrats to Holly! Hang in there, April! ... (25 replies)
... Hi! I feel your pain! My husband's first SA this year (with our new RE) came back with almost no sperm. They weren't freezing at the time but just wanted to see what was there to work with. He did another SA (but we were delayed a few days because of it!) and this one came back at about 1 million. That time, we made sure there was more than 48 hours of abstinence, and that he... (25 replies)
... I don't think the experience is that horrible either. I did 2 IVFs, & both times, I did not experience many side effects from the meds. The appts & injections day after day can become a little much & of course there is tons of emotions & money invested in the cycle, but it is all really quite exciting when you think of what you're trying to accomplish. If you take it one... (25 replies)
... New, I'm glad to hear you've got a plan. Best of luck to you! I just had my ER for my second IVF today. To be honest, I don't think the experience is hell. You definitely need to take it day by day and try not to get overwhelmed by it all. ... (25 replies)
... Lots of luck to you and your IVF may very well be the in the first time success group!!! ... (25 replies)
... They were wrong!!!! We were able to freeze a sample just last week (the nurse told us he didn't have any for a third time in a row). So I'll be starting the cycle on August 6 with an estrogen patch, then start genirelix 8/7. I didn't think I would be excited about this stuff, but just yesterday the outcome was pretty grimm. First hurdle overcome. This happened only because... (25 replies)
... Hi, i just wanted to tell you that I just found out today that my ivf that I am going to be starting in two weeks will have to be ICSI as well. We just got back the results from the dr. today about my husband's sperm analysis and we definitely need the ICSI. ... (34 replies)
... I remember your posts from before. Glad to see you are starting the IVF process and taking this huge step to becoming a mommy! IVF with ICSI gives you the best chance! ... (9 replies)
... ctor. One woman had it done one day after retrieval as they had discovered his sperm swam sideways. Something they hadn't discovered in all that time. So, the ICSI worked really well for them. Couldn't have worked otherwise. ... (57 replies)

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