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So I recently (a little over a week ago) got ear molds at the Audiologist for something I'm getting made for me called "TMJ Next Generation" and something went very wrong: She filled both ears with the material at the same time and when she went to pull out the first one (my right ear) I heard this loud suctioning sound followed by an extremely loud pop, some of the post pain I've ever felt in my entire life, and instantly my right ear felt full and sounded like a muffled tunnel. Despite the fact that I had a foam block in my mouth I streamed "OWEE THAT HURT." Left side came out pain and sound free though.

My ear hurt pretty bad the rest of the day. For about 5 days after that I had that muffled tunnel sound (I'm assuming something to do with my eustachian tube) and every once in a while it would randomly pop for no reason and get really loud and echoey and then slowly go back to the muffled tunnel. For some reason using an ear plug off and on helped me deal with it.

Now, for the most part the muffled tunnel is gone but my right side still feels a bit off. Sort of quieter, has some pressure, and I guess heavy (only way I can explain it)? I also get some pain on and off, I hear a very loud and consistent yet not very high pitched ringing (tinnitus), and every once in a while it makes this noise which isn't really a click or a pop it's more of a random crackling noise which lasts a couple seconds and stops. My right ear is also extremely sensitive to loud (especially high pitched) noises now. I was sort of sensitive to loud noises before this, but it's way worse now. Also, when I push (TMI?) or something that causes pressure in my head I hear this wooshing sound in my right ear like air is coming out of it which is weird.

A little background: First of all I'm in my mid 20s. I went to the ENT 3-5 months before this appointment and she did some test which came up without a reading in my right ear so she looked closer and noticed I had a very small rupture (a hold) in my ear drum but the only thing we could think of that might have caused it was the tubes I got as a child never fully healed. Weird she didn't see it the first time she looked in my ears but she said it was very small and easy to miss. She said it shouldn't be an issue as long as I didn't get water in my ears from the pool or something. Also, I don't currently have a cold or anything like that. I do have allergies but they are minor.

Anyone have any idea what could have happened with the ear molds?

Are you supposed to do both ears at the same time? I have a feeling she might have created a vacuum or something which caused pressure on my middle ear as well as my ear drum which caused the pain and the eustachian tube problems. She looked in my ear afterwards and didn't seem very concerned, she said there was just redness (I'm assuming she meant the skin in my inner ear) but that doesn't explain the pop and severe pain. I'm starting to get a bit afraid that the ringing and pressure won't go away.

I'm definitely going to make an appointing for my ENT, just figured I would get your opinions in the meantime, not to mention I have a lot of bad luck with doctors lately and seem to get more useful information from people online believe it or not haha.

Thanks in advance!

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