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So, I am a 21 year old who, for the past 9 months, has had recurring episodes of sudden hearing loss, and subsequently other really weird health problems.

It all started last February when firecrakers went off by my ear, which obviously led to cochlear damage and immediate hearing loss. Aside from severe depression, I had no problems after that for 2 months, until I became exposed to high volume bass sounds (even with earplugs in) and suffered more hearing damage, temporary facial numbness, some vertigo etc. etc. I felt pretty awful for a bit but seemed to recover.

Fast forward to about late July, when I began having strange, barely noticeable vertigo and low pitched rumbling sounds in my ears. I went to a party a few days later, consumed a small amount of alcohol, ate a lot of sugar and salty carbs, and was exposed to a single very loud scream (with earplugs in though). The day after, I noticed a small loss of hearing which just got worse over the next day or two. And then I began to have bad vertigo that disrupted my ability to walk, and I had nausea. A few nights later, I also experienced strong jaw pain and a migraine, painful ear fullness, flashing lights in my eyes, and strong anxiety/panic attacks. At the time I attributed it to an emerging labrynthitis infection that was just made worse with the noise exposure, and possibly dehydration. I also had a fungal infection in one of my ears (although both ears were affected).

Bringing it to the now, it's as if my health has never really stabilized after that event, and my ears have become incredibly vulnerable to noises of any sort and I have continued to lose hearing. In short, I have since suddenly lost hearing from:

Riding a bus with earplugs in
Taking a slightly louder than usual shower
Observing Taiko drums a block away for 5 minutes, with earplugs in
Singing 2 folk songs in the car at a moderate volume
Watching a 25 minute movie clip with headphones on, at only a slightly high volume
Again, singing with earplugs in (occlusion effect?)
The most recent time I have absolutely no idea, but it might have been from overeating???

I have also continued to have on and off non-incapacitating vertigo, along with developing other symptoms like:

Tingling in the arms, legs, feet, face and hands
Pain that radiates through my ears, sinuses, and head from loud noises
Intermittent hyperacusis
Tinnitus of all different frequencies that varies in loudness
Muscle twitches [I]everywhere[/I]
Vibration sensations in the same areas but also the stomach
Recurring mild temple and sinus headaches
Tensor tympani spasms
Feelings that my head is being compressed or under pressure, especially when I speak
Light-headedness and dizziness
Jaw tightness
Cognitive difficulties
Feeling like I am disconnected from the world, and other mental health problems like major depression and intermittent bad anxiety

I have recently considered that all this might actually be related to the foods I consume, or possibly a systemic yeast infection rather than moderately loud noises. I have noticed, for instance, that many (but not all) of those times where I lost hearing and experienced other symptoms immediately followed times when I ate a lot of sugary and salty foods. These foods could either be disrupting my inner ear fluid, or be feeding yeast that has somehow infected my inner ear or other parts of my brain. But then again I have no idea. Over the past couple of days, I have completely eliminated carbs and sugar, as well as other starchy foods, and will continue to do so to see if it makes a difference.

Any thoughts as to what could possibly be going on? Has anyone had sensioneural hearing loss and many of the above symptoms as a result of systemic yeast infections? Is the labrynthtitis possibly still in my system after all this time?

By the way I have been to plenty of ents, a natural medicine practitioner, and recently a neuro-otologist, and no answers. though the neuro-otologist suggested that this was not completely cochlear in origin, and could be an early sign of MS (much to my amusement).

Thanks for the help. I am so desperate for answers. I have a long life to live, and dealing with this hearing loss early on in my youth is slowly tearing my soul and happiness to pieces.

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