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I'm new to all this. I was told by my ENT that I have vestibular dsyfunction. I really don't know what that means. I had hearing and VNG test last week, I made it thru most of the VNG until they put the warm air in my right ear and that was it, I felt as if i was falling from space and flipping, so they stopped the test. I was able to do any other testing as my insurance won't cover it and i just can't afford it. But he said I have to go to rehab therapy. If give you my symptoms can you tell me if this sounds right. I also have anxiety disorder and I have a hard time believing what the doc's tell me, so please bare with me. I also am hypothyroid and thats messed up right now to. Here is everything so you can help.

In 1999 my thyroid went nuts and it took 2 years to get the right diagnoses, but I remember during that time I was having dizziness for about 4 months straight but it went away, I also had anxiety and panic attacks daily to the point of not being able to work. In 2001 I was diagnosed with hypo, and put on meds and within 8 months it got better, then in 2008 went into perimenopause and it all went nuts again, then in 2010 vertigo hit and along with neck pain and bad headaches, so the ENT said BPPV because of the type of dizziness and the testing he did, so eply was done twice and it went away again. During this time I also had trigger point injections in the back base of the skull and upper shoulders for the neck and head pain, at this point the anxiety and panic got worse but didn't know why, we assumed it was menopause as I was in full swing then, but I will tell you it wasn't. So In july of last year, the dizziness came back but different than before, so back to GP who said BPPV, went for eply, should have seen the ENT first, the eply did nothing. The dizziness came from exercises i did and going up and down to the floor i became very dizziness within 2 hours. So went back to neuro because head and neck pain where back, more injections, HUGE mistake, all the panic and anxiety hit agian hard, back to endo for the thyroid and it was going up and down, not until i told him about the injections did he figure out what happened in 2010 and now, the injections he thinks stopped the thyroid meds from working, so now i'm left with anxiety, dizziness and thyroid messed up.

THe ENT initially said MAV possibly and mal disimbakment, but I have not been on any boats or ships, or planes. My symptoms now are feeling like I'm rocking in the head and thru the body, this is when I sit, lay down, walk, it is always there, some days I get lucky and its not there. Also have anxiety very badly, I get wierd vision like its not clear and like there is a grey film in my vision, its not awful but there, when the vision thing happens, i also have neck pain, shoulder and upper back tightness, slight head pain usually in the forhead, facial pain a bit, nausea and off course dizzy like I'm moving but i'm not. I'm also having hot flashes and dizziness right before them. The ENt said I can take my xanax when needed to calm me down, cuz this causes me tons of fear. Do any of you have fear from this and anxiety?

does this sound like inner ear problem? And with the therapy does it work? does it make it worse?

any help you can give would be appreciated.


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