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The neurologist that did the nuclear cisternogram. My "leak" i'f that's what it is is coming down the Eustachian tubes.
I think mine has always been cerebral spinal fluid, I'm hoping the test will show this. If you have a lot of pain and pressure you may want to get checked out for this. I submitted some of the fluid for testing and guess what, because it had to have saliva in it, it will not show on 'sfor CSF. However the lab will send back a negative reply. There is a test for CSF in saliva but the labs don't do it. The medical facilities must order a kit and do it in their own lab. So now I am getting a test, from a neurosurgeon who looked at my research documentation and said he had no choice but to look for a leak. If you live on the west coast and suspect that you have CSF leaking from Eustachian tube, University of Irvine, will test you for it. Near New York it's Mount Sinai. Arizona it's University of Arizona, they also do perilymph fistula. I will let you know final outcome. I don't have tinnitus in left ear anymore (it was loud), just the sound of the fluid flowing. My mouth is full of the salty taste and it's miserable. The worst thing is I had been begging neuro otologist that I was seeing for a test for this and he kept telling me it was a taste disorder and wanted me to see a guy that specialized in this. Well, folks, a taste disorder does not flow from you mouth at night and soak you, your bed linens and your partner. Don't give up. I am not but Yes my balance is better after surgery but this is problem two.

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