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Hello. I am a 29yo female. I take no medications besides the occasional ibuprofen. For the last 2-3 weeks I have been experiencing intermittent fluttering sensations in my left ear. Like the sort of "sound" you hear when you yawn but this is happening spontaneously. I did have a period of allergies but I have not been sick recently. I have no pain. I have been experiencing dizziness, but only when I stand up and it's more of a lightheadedness than a spinning situation. I have a history of sinus problems and chronic sinus infections, but after getting a sinoplasty in 2011 I have not experienced these problems since.

Unfortunately I am traveling in South America for the next 3 weeks and do not have access to specialized medical services. I can however get whatever antibiotics might be needed. I am a nurse and would feel comfortable taking an antibiotic otc as long as it was the right one. Any thoughts? I have been thinking either a middle or inner ear infection but in both cases the symptoms don't seem to quite match.

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