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For dizzyinmissouri
Nov 18, 2003
Hi Vicky,

I can relate to the weird sensation you say you have in big stores. I get the same feeling, especially in Wal-Mart. I haven't been in Target for a while, but I would suspect they are similar. I think it's the lighting and the noise level. Screaming babis and whining kids adds to the intensity of being uncomfortable. You ever notice that in Wal-Mart that the main aisles are full of stuff that you have to walk almost sideways? I like aisles that are wider where I don't feel so crowded and not bumping butts with people.

That's great that you had an elated feeling after not letting the store environment get you down. That's a BIG thing for me too. I think anxiety plays a big role in how we perceive things. Low anxiety days are always so much more pleasant for me -- no matter what I do or how I feel.

That pressure head feeling can also be anxiety compounding it. Low barometric pressure days and changeable weather days really put me in a twilight sense. Like I'm in a sensory deprevation tank. Today was a day like that. When I got up, I headed for the bathroom and walked straight into two walls. Today was the most "off" I've been for a long time. It lasted all day. I still functioned well and maintained my good mood. A very big plus for me. My ears were blocked a bit and my neck is stiff. Could all be part of it. I think I'll go to the chiro tomorrow and hopefully it will help.

You sure have a lot of other stuff to deal with...each would be enough on its own. Don't you just love the fact that no one ever seems to have only one disorder to deal with? What would the fun be in that anyway?? There are so many people on the boards with chronic disorders who also suffer from depression. Dealing with an inner ear disorder when it's active seems to make daily living like being in the Twilight Zone. Like some of our senses are actually missing. It is amazing how much we have to compensate. I think feeling depressed or zonked afterward just makes sense. The body and mind can only function in "high gear" for so long. Something has to give.

Were you able to get to church? Many people with dizzy problems comment on not being able to go to church. It does have an environment that is specific, especially after the service for fellowship. I wonder if ear plugs would help?

Interesting about the glasses and vestibular disorders. I'll have to look into it since my eyes are changing. My arm is still long enough for me to hold things to read clearly. :rolleyes: I'm definitely in between for the near/middle/far vision glasses. I'm far-sighted and do use glasses to read. I don't need them to drive, but I think I'll start investigating and read the post Subs mentioned about the special lenses. I never knew that about vestibular disorders and progressive lenses. So, one would need to have 3 different pairs of glasses and those glasses holders for around the neck. Hmmm!

Yes, I'm a sign language interpreter and hairstylist. I don't work interpreting anymore professionally. The reason I commented is the wondering about specifics you enquired about. Maybe it was how you asked or exactly what you asked. Besides, one never knows, thought I'd ask. Are you working at this time? Has your BPPV interfered with your working/life big time? How about driving?

I checked out how I look at things in a store, etc. I do scan a lot. I don't seem to fix on something specific while I'm walking.

The shaking head exercise you you keep your eyes on something fixed close or farther away? Do you have to do it a few times at each distance? Does it matter?

To answer your question on the other post...I do have days I feel 100% -- and days I'm about 50% good because I feel off kilter. It's pretty much determined when I get up in the morning. It rarely improves during the day. I do better when I have less sleep because my head doesn't feel so loggy.

I hope you had a good day.

Bye for now,
take care,

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