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That's what the doctors at an neuro othology clinic ask me to do. Breath in and out very fast, they are making you hyperventilate. People who suffer from anxiety tend to breath to fast or not breath properly so that is why they are dizzy (lightheaded). When they couldn't find anything physically wrong with me (didn't do anything more than what the other doctors did) they asked me if my dizziness was like vertigo, I said no. Then they asked me to breath in and out very fast for a minute and asked me if my dizziness was more like that. I answered the wrong thing (when the words came out I told myself HERE THEY COME WITH THE ANXIETY THEORY!) I said that my dizziness was more like that - but what I ment was it was closer to that than vertigo -but not exactly the same - and that it made my dizziness worse - well, I'm dizzy 24/7 plus the hyperventilating on top of that??? I am not convinced that I'm feeling anxiety 24/7 for the past 31 months and that anxiety is making me feel unbalanced, feel pressure/numbness in my head when I turn it and sometime feel pressure in my ears and feel dizzier when I'm in a room with more objects or looking in cupboards etc... (oh ya, and when you say that to the doctors about feeling dizzier in busy rooms, they say oh well, that probably because when your in a crowded room your anxiety goes up. Grrrrrrrrrr! IT DOESN'T!!!

Sorry guys, you just touched a nerve. Just venting.

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