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[QUOTE=moogeneric]For those of you with constant, 24/7 dizzies: Has anyone's level of dizziness obviously and drastically intensified in direct "response" to a specific, isolated, stress-inducing situation or incident?

Also, would exposure to a period of loud noise/music be detrimental to compensation/rehabilitation? How does long-term noise-induced hearing damage affect the vestibular system?

And one more! Are Cawthorne's Head Exercises the same thing as VRT? I've only been doing the Cawthorne thing for about 2 weeks now, but I can't say that I see any improvement, nor that I feel particularly any dizzier after the exercises than what I already feel at the time. I just wonder if I'm wasting my time with it, and how it could possibly help if MAV is truly what I have (which I don't know for sure yet).

Any input is appreciated. Thanks![/QUOTE]

Hi - a quick one as in a hurry - Yes it is par for the course to feel worse in a stressful situation, it will naturally intensify the symtoms as it does intensify everything - be it emotions running high, fear etc etc. Its probably just the rush of adrenaline and the shallower breathing.
As for the load musiv, nope cannot see that would do any damage at all re: compensation, as the hearing part of the ear is not part of the inner ear semi circular canals responsible for balance. Albeit loud prolonged exposure may damage your hearing it has zero affect on dizzies. Worry not. As for the VRT - 2 weeks is nothing at all. But if you are experincing NO symptoms doing VRT then they will not be doing anything for you. As I am sure you know its bringing on a worsening of symptoms that allows your brain to compensate. Hmmmm - not sure which you are following, but I would most deff ask your VRT therapist for a modified version, probably more intense and motions that provoke a response. As for the MAV component, aint no expert on that, but it seems they kinda figure that when they run out of other ideas and of course on your symptoms and test results! Oh also I was dizzy 24/7, but am not now and mine was caused by uncompensated labs, am almost better now, so hang in there!

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