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Hello there,

Sorry you're feeling so crap. Just wanted to welcome you to the board. I have had many of the symptoms you've had - been ill 2 yrs 4 months. I improved a great deal and went through a fantastic (almost) remission from symptoms for 3 months, but am in a bad spell at the moment. Anyway, I also saw a neurotologist, my initial diagnosis was uncompensated vestibular neuritis (labyrinthitis without the hearing loss) my diagnosis changed to migraine associated vertigo, with possible peripheral vestibular damage thrown in. I am now on migraine preventatives. I have also done vestibular rehab therapy, which I slacked off from but am now getting back to. I tell you this as no doubt the neurotologist will probably advise one, or both, of these courses of action.

Once you've had the tests - I am sure the neurotologist will firm up a diagnosis of some form of vestibular disorder, either MAV or VN or lab etc. As your other tests are clear it certainly sounds, from your description, pretty much a certainty that, that's what you have.

I sympathise with the feeling that you can't believe this is happening to you, I've had that thought many times. You've caught me in a bad spell - feeling crap for X Mas so not exactly chipper, but I have felt so much better, and still do, even though I'm feeling bad at the moment, compared to when it first started. Recovery is slow, and it isn't linear, but you do improve. For me the first year and half or so was the absolute worst of it.

You will find a lot of people who understand what you're going through here, this board has been the most amazing support to me.

Just on a side note, you're only the third person I've come across who describes a vibration sensation. I've recently developed this in my body off and on - very odd. I have wondered whether it's migraine related - a fellow MAVer, now cured, also got it. Don't know, it's just very strange.

Anyway, I wish you as good an X Mas as is possible,



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