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[QUOTE=debbieh]Lib: If you don't mind me asking what did they find out about you at JH? What were your symptons? I just feel they JH is the place for me and so does my neurologists, to figure out my problem. Some people do have vest problems to where rehab helps but not in my case. I have imbalance every day all day, and most worse days. Thanks for your response, the support does help. Debbie :bouncing:[/QUOTE]
hi debbie,

it was dr poe who figured out i have myoclonus in the middle ears, he is in boston. i do agree hopkins is the best place for you, if i remember your in nc?
poe also is a specialist in sscd, but i think he is further away.
my symptoms are, spasms in the ear, moving the eardrum to outside sound and my own voice, pressure popping, crackling, and many more, i had surgery in oct to sever the tendons in the right ear and it has been a help.
im going tues for left ear.
you will be in the best of hands at hopkins.....believe me.

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