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Goodness yes it can be inner ear related! I know exactly how you feel. Sorta dizzy but not really spinning. You could have/had an inner ear infection and not even know it. I had the same thing for almost a year! Keep pushing til you get some answers. They (the primary care doc, and the ENT) told me it was my sinuses/anxiety/depression. But it wasn't at all! Finally I went to get tested at an otoneurologists (also called a neuro-otologist), and he told me I had inner ear damage from a virus that was long gone. The damage never heals, but you can do exercises to help your brain compensate for the lack of balance. It sounds scary and it might take a while to heal. Everyone is so vastly different when it comes to healing and symptoms. I'm fine now that I know what my problem is.

Sometimes anti-anxiety drugs help so that you don't "freak out" from the dizziness or spaciness. They certainly helped me. I became severely depressed and anxious because I thought I was crazy or dying. Remember you are your best advocate in the medical world! Bring a loved one with you to the doctors if you need help being tough and demanding to see an otoneurologist.

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