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Hi Wink,

Welcome to the boards. You are definitely not alone.

Your facial numbness could be a sign that you're symptoms may be migraine related. A neurologist could help you look at a diagnosis related to migraines. Many people think of migraines as only "headaches", but there are other types of migraine issues that cause other symptoms, with or without a headache.

You are probably also dealing with some higher anxiety than you are aware of. When you're anxious, your body produces more adrenaline. Sometimes your body can produce extra adrenaline without you realizing it (worry thoughts and dealing with unsettling symptoms could provoke your body to produce more adrenaline) - one way the body expells adrenaline is through the stomach, would could produce diarrhea, a feeling of not being hungry, or nausea.

Adrenaline can also make you feel jittery - even if you have reduced your caffeine intake. Aspertame for some people can also make them feel jittery.

Also, if you are feeling light-headed, for some people that can make them feel nauseous.

You may want to try something like ginger snap cookies (the hard kind, not the soft kind) or Peppermint Lifesavers to help your stomach feel less queasy. Some people find Coke helps. You also may want to try taking something like Pepto-Bismal to see if that helps. Of course, always check with your doctor first!

I have found that for my vertiginous symptoms, my body sometimes will feel shakey - sometimes I attribute that to my symptoms (when my balance is off really bad some times I will shake and I consider this more of an imbalance issue than being nervous), and sometimes I think this is just plain old

I'm not a doctor, but I think some of the things you are dealing with may be considered normal. For instance, cracking ears when a person swallows is something that most people experience. It was explained to me that when you swallow, air moves through the tubes that connect the ear to the throat. The crackling sound is the air.

I know that one reason for ear ringing is caused by congestion (fluid or stuffiness on the ear). Most times, if you just have a ring in the ear that clears up after a few minutes, it's nothing to worry about.

You may want to have your sinuses checked to make sure you don't have a sinus infection. Sinus infections or congestion can make you feel lightheaded, dizzy and have pressure. So can allergies. You may want to see about taking and over-the-counter antihistamine to see if that relieves any of your symptoms.

You will receive a lot of great advice, support, and encouragement here. Let your doctor know that your symptoms are causing you anxiety and that you want to investigate possible causes for why you have them.

Take care. xo

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