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Hi Adam, I think what they're probably going to do is train your brain to adjust to the weakness. I get terrible vertigo attacks, and my ENT had given me exercises to do. He used the example of an ice skater. He said they can spin extremely fast for quite a while, stop suddenly, and skate away without a wobble. He said they have trained their brain to adjust to the motion, and that the brain will compensate when an imbalance is detected. From what I understood, they give you exercises that make you dizzy and your supposed to keep going (in other words, dont sit still until it passes) and your brain will start the procedure to compensate for the dizziness. And I agree with crazylabyrinth, it'll take a lot longer then 10 wks. More like a 2 year course in total, at least 1 year. My regular doctor sent me to an allergist, they're thinking my vertigo is from sinus infections causing inner ear inflammation, anyway, he told me to buy AntiVert, its an OTC medication, it used to be perscription, and I think its actually for people with motion sickness. Supposedly its very good, its been around for 40 years, I haven't tried it yet, it can make you sleepy and I have a 9 month old, so Im avoiding that for now :)

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