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Re: Who is dizzy?
Jun 17, 2005
Here's my story (in as small a nutshell as possible!): Started feeling "off" (as you described) mid Dec. 2004, couldn't even call it dizzy, but more of a disoriented, disconnected feeling. By early January it was definetely more pronounced disequilbrium, with one day of one major brief vertigo episode. As soon as that subsided, I was left with the same swaying, dizzying disequilibrium. (You probably know the type - where the floor is lurching underneath your feet.) I had some overseas travel planned, so I treated the symptoms with Dramamine and tried to live life... but once back home, with jet lag, and then a horrible cold, the symptoms got just horrible. Finally in to be seen by GP - she referred me to PT and ENT and told me just to treat the symptoms. (Of course, by then I knew that that wouldn't be in my best interest, after reading so much about how those meds hinder the compensation process.) ENT wasn't too excited about my symptoms, but ordered the usual tests - MRI, posturography, ENG, caloric, auditory, etc. By then, I was totally incapactitated - stopped working, could barely make it from the bed to the couch, incredibly nauseated, couldn't read (eye movement was intolerable). The ENT said to begin the VRT immediately, regardless of how any of the tests turned out - and that's when things ever-so-slowly started to get better.

I was actually able to resume teaching a class this past week, I'm driving, though still not able to handle stores or other busy up-close visual fields very well. By the way, my caloric testing showed vestibular damage to the R ear. So, my diagnosis is uncompensated vestibulopathy- probable cause vestibular neuronitis.

Before my test results came back, my dr. told me that I could easily have had vestibular damage and still have normal testing, so don't let that discourage you... have you started VRT? I was feeling pretty discouraged myself because I was convinced that I would live the rest of my life trying to look through the brain haze of constant dizzyness, but as I've read the posts on this board of people who have fought long and hard (and have gotten better!), I've gotten perspective - this may take a very long time, but it's doable!

It really is comforting to know that there are other people who know exactly what we are going through, isn't it!!!

Hope you're able to have a decent weekend!

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