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Tinnitus is different than that crackling noise you hear when swallowing. I have both although the crackling noise is pretty much gone as I said in the other post. Tinnitus on the other hand is much worse. It is a noise you hear within your ears or head that can resemble things like the noise crickets make, a hissing, buzzing or bell ringing kind of a sound. What people interpret as a noise is really ones own opinion. You'd know if you had tinnitus.

I believe your crackling is quite different than the tinnitus we talk about. It is not an infection but rather the sound of something going on inside your head or ears. It can be damage to the little hairs in your inner ear or just the way blood is flowing through your ear. It can be caused by many things that are unknown to the doctors.

How did your crackling start and do you have any other symptoms? You can get crackling with effusion tube dysfunction too. Have you recently had a cold?


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