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Hi There
my bout of labyrinthitis started with a major upper respiratory infection, one that gave me a sinus infection and a bad case of peneumonia. I was in bed for at least two weeks with it. My inner ear problem came on the same day with major vertigo, to the point of being carried out of work and crawling to the toilet for the next few days.
Chances are that the infection worked it's way into the ear and inner ear causing some infammation. If the infection is bad, it will cause some damage which many of us on this board are dealing with. The damage is permanent and the vestibular system is impaired. This means the brain has to do more work to compensate for the loss of the inner ear function. Not everyone (hopefully including you) who gets an inner ear infection suffers this problem. If the swelling wasn't too major, there may be no permanent damage and you will feel off balance and dizzy for a few weeks until the swelling goes down. Many of us were initially told by the doctor that we would be fine in 3-6 weeks...but not for everyone. If after a month or more you are still feeling "off" in balance or dizziness, then you will need to explore what, if any, damage has occurred. If you didn't get the wild vertigo, with vomitting etc you may be doctor gave me a "gold star" for my vertigo, not something to be proud of I am sure. He said he had never seen such a bad case of nystagmus as my eyes were literally rolling in my head when I went in the first morning with this and proceeded to throw up in his office!!! (talk about a bad day)
Hope you are feeling better soon

Well its now been a couple of days since I came to this board and i'm happy to say for the most part i'm Anxiety free! I have some anxious moments but I tell myself its just an infection in my ears. I can't beleive how much that help. The mind can play some scary ticks on you.. I swear I was feeling physical anxiety at times and it felt SO REAL.

Well the Anxiety is mostly gone now, but I still feel like "crap". I noticed the last couple of days I been having a constant headache. Nothing like pounding/sharp headache just a constant annoying headache. I been breathing steam and it takes care of the headache for a few hours. So im thinking its Sinus related. I'm still lightheaded, but dont really notice it untill I try to read something and everything gets a bit blurred. I'm REALLY hoping this lightheaded feeling goes away on its own. I never really listed the symptoms i'm feeling beside anxiety and dizziness so i'll list them here for anyone who cares to read, compare or comment. :)

-Anxiety (better now)
-Lightheaded (1-2 Beers, would not classify as vertigo)
-Blurred vision when reading
-Red ears (From Sinus?)
-constant Headache
-White tongue (Its been white ever since I got sick 1mo/3weeks)
-Dazzed (noticed i have been dazzing off a lot)
-Not eating as much as I used too
-Feel better at night (I feel like "crap" during mid day)
-Sweating at night/sleep (this reciently stopped a few days go, Thank GOD!)
-Cough (cough up junk maybe 4-5 times a day)
-Dry eyes
-Sweating hands/feet (off and on with no triggers)
-Eyes have a hard to focusing (like if i look at something close for a while then look at something far it takes a couple seconds to adjust)

Also something I find weird that maybe some can clear up for me.....
When I'm up moving around im not AS dizzy. But if I sit/lay down I notice my dizziness. Is this common with a Inner ear problem?

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