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Two months ago I had a terrible headache but it was only concentrated in my forehead and temples. It lasted for two days. Since then, the headaches have not been all that bad but neither have they disappeared. It is usually dull pain in my forehead and temples, especially when I first wake up in the monring or from an afteroon nap. The worst part is the feeling of heavy-headedness I have had since then. I cannot quite describe it but it not exactly dizziness. More like like feeling a bit unbalanced or as if the ground is titled to the side. I also have pressure in my head. Some of the other symptoms include stuffy ears, burning sensation in the eyes, a crackling sound when I move my neck, some buzzing in my ears and my cheeckbones ache sometimes.

The ENT doctor ruled out any inner ear infection and told me that I had TMJ. I am currently trying out acupuncture and have had two session so far.

Doctors have ruled out any problems with the sinuses (through a CT scan). I also have a complete blood count and it came back normal.

I am a university lecturer and if I stand up and teach for more than ten or 15 minutes, the heavy-headedness and pressure in my head and the feeling of being unbalanced become really bad. I have started dreading going to work.

Can someone please tell me if they have had similar symptoms and also if someone can explain to me why my eyes have this strange burning sensations?

There is also a lot of fatigue!

Thanks a lot!!!

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