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[QUOTE=khalid567;5010782]Hi VN,

Thank you for your response. It is good to hear you are progressing albeit it being gradually.

How long have you been doing your VRT exercises for? At what stage did you start to have the good days?

I read earlier that yours is sometimes get worse in different positions e.g. you said it gets worse looking up. Mine seems to get worse when looking to the left away from the damaged side.

I also tend to be worse after car or train travel. I feel like my head is a bowl of water and the more vigorous the movement, the more the water gets stirred up and the more time if takes to become less dizzy. I am also bad when sitting down in very public and noisey places like restaurants and cafe's. I feel like my head is bobbling around inside. My therapist said this is normal and that I must expose myself to these environments.

I have been doing the VRT for 5 weeks now, and yes, it is very very gradual improvement. I do not know whether this is time or the VRT that is helping. I think that any recovery must be a combination of time and VRT.[/QUOTE]

Hi Khalid

Yes, I'm continuing to do better, but it is quite slow. The neck tightness, headaches, and the floating Feeling are what I'm concentrating on now. I was doing the VRT exercises for over a month before I saw real improvement. The car travel is the worst for me as well. I can be doing fine, get in the car and the pressure in my head along with the floating feeling mount. It's the same with walking for me. That's one of my big VRT exercises. Walking and focusing on an object very far away. It helps! You and bite neck are right in that stores and public places with lots of people make it much worse and aggregate the symptoms. It will get better, count on it!

I want and had the caloric test repeated and am back to nearly 80% in my left ear. There is a 20% error in the test so it's not exact and given the way I still feel, I'm sure I'm less than that. However, the doctor was very surprised to see the improvement as usually 6 mo. post the damage, there's usually no improvement With that I am. Dry blessed and thank God for every day. Please keep us updated on your progress as well.

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