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Reporting on my appointment this afternoon... Let me start by giving a brief background on how I came to see this doctor. Her name is Dr. Esses. She is an Otologist (ears only) at the Denver Ear Associates group. It was an ENT who put the tubes in, per my request (he actually sort of tried to talk me out of it, but neither of us suspected PET at the time. I had never heard of it and I wonder if he had either). It was at my post-op appointment with him that he suggested I see Dr. Esses. He also ordered 2 tests... ECOG & ABR. The ECOG came back positive (meaning it detected fluid in the inner ear) however, I don't have any other symptoms related to disorders with fluid in the ear, for example dizziness & hearing loss, so Dr. Esses didn't trust the results (supposedly the accuracy of this test is low anyway). So it was my first visit with her last week that she diagnosed me with PET based on my symptoms. She actually has not been able to test me for it yet because of the tubes but we both agree the symptoms fit the diagnosis. So, here are the results of what I learned from her today:

1. Regarding why the tubes made my symptoms WORSE - she straight-up said she didn't have an answer. It is her experience that 50% of PET patients feel better after having tubes inserterted and 50% feel worse.

2. She doesn't usually administer the premarin. No particular reason I guess, she just has more confidence in the PatulEnd. She assisted Dr. Bartolomeo in testing the formula. She said her patients have 75-80% success with PatulEnd. Let's hope I fall into that catagory! She keeps insisting I try swimming, although right now with the tubes, I'd have to stay above water.

3. She doesn't know where to get the Potassium Iodide (SSKI). She thought they stopped making it.

4. She hadn't heard of the tea.

5. She did not think it was odd that I don't have popping/clicking in my ears. The most prevelent symptom of PET is the autophony.

The surgery for the tube removal is Oct. 8th. I'm considering seeing a hypnotherapist (as if I haven't spent enough money already). Mostly I hope this would help with my habit of popping my ears, especially while they are healing. I consulted with one once and he claims he can fix physical problems as well. I'll try anything, well except maybe gaining weight!

- Melissa

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