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I get a crackling/snapping noise from the eustachian tube opening, but no pain or pressure. For me, it was horrific at first, but is now mainly a nuisance. However, the sound is annoying when trying to fall asleep.
I think I tried phenytoin several years ago, but it wasn't effective and caused daytime drowsiness. The xanax at night is effective and wears off more quickly. The cause of my essential PM is unknown. More info on this condition can be found in an article online by Deuschl ("Symptomatic and essential palatal tremor").
I had discussed the botox several years ago with Dr. Flint at Johns Hopkins, but I never followed through with it. JHU is also closer to me than New York.

hi nick,
where abouts are you, i have been to hopkins more times than i can count.
im in virginia, there is an ent at g.w. that does botox and i just went to nih, they do it too, but you have to be reffered in.
not sure of dr. flint but the neuro i saw at hopkins left a lot to be desired.
altho the ear doc i went to was wonderful there,
nih has suggested a emg to try to pinpoint the muscle thats responsible for this mess.
do you get any symptoms from burping by chance?
cant wait to here where your from!!

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