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Hello dizzies ! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I have seen several docs myself and feel like I know better what is wrong than they do. I have pretty much all the symptoms of Meniere's (vertigo, nausea, fullness in ears, headache, pressure in head that feels like allergies or sinus, but it's neither one. Had an MRI and sinuses were perfectly clear. I had my first attack 2 years ago and went through all the testing at that time. All balance testing was normal. The only thing that has showed up as abnormal is my hearing test that shows a low frequency sensorineural hearing loss. I understand that this is permanent. It has gradually decreased each year as I have a recheck test done My hearing does seem better some days than others, and depending on the situation. I know I have a true hearing loss that doesn't get better as shown on the tests. The hearing has changed slightly over the last 2 years as far as which ear is better or worse, but as far as the sensorineural part, that has remained. Is that what is meant by the "fluctuating hearing loss" associated with Meniere's, or is it more like when you have congestion and nasal stuffiness and your ears feel stopped up and hearing is affected that way? I can't find any info that states this very clearly. Any input would be great.

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