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had a bit of a panic before I went for the h/c. My sister drove me into town and boy did I feel sick/weird. I don't know if these exercises doing it or what. I copped out and took another stugeron but to be honest I didn't feel that much better. The room was so hot and there was so much noise and people, inside I was screaming get me out of here but I took some deep breaths and tried to distract myself. It always annoys me when the doctors tell you a lot of it is panic, when it clearly isn't but of course you will panic if you start to feel unbalanced in a public place on your own :) You know they didn't really give me a diagnosis and Simon didn't give me anything to take away apart from the exercises that is. Mine is a weird one I never feel the room spinning, but you know when they put the water in your ears and your good ear reacts well thats how I feel its like in me. But putting that into words is never easy. I have a good homeopathic doctor who has been trying to help me, she sent me a note yesterday seeing how I was and asked if the feelings felt a bit like seasickness, which I guess they do cos I get all shaky. I am managing to sleep now without the aid of anything which is fab, but I often wake up feeling really sick in the night.., if that is what its like to feel pregnant I'm never having kids! Like u Simon and the Consultant assured me that I would get better and this would not last. I also started getting some reflexology to help "balance my ears". I had a session Wed and have another this afternoon. Don't know if it will work but I will try anything to feel better. Did Simon give you any exercises to do??? He only gave me three but I can let you know if you want to give it a go. I guess you are out of ABZ, which direction?? Speak to you soon....Sx

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