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Since 2002, Iíve had mild ethmoid and maxillary sinusitis, with a sensitive nose. Jan 2007, I felt a Swaying sensation (drunk and toss about feelings) and Iíve head heaviness and ear pressures. My Swaying is more intense whenever I do any simple physical activity. I feel less swaying whenever I walk with a walking stick, which lessens the impact.

I always feel a strong heavy force that is always pushing me to the back or to the front or to the sides. The moment I sit down, I feel the same force pushing/pressing me back towards the chair/sofa back (during watch TV, type emails, eating daily meals) When I bend down to pick up a thing from a table located below my waist, I feel this same force pulling me down to the table. When I am about to lie down to sleep the same force instantly pulls me to roll over onto the bed.

Swaying plus heaviness become worse when I stand upright/
sit upright, followed by gentle beating of my heart and nerves around inner ears. Any exerting of strength or stretching of hands/legs will worsen my condition. In addition to stand or sit up I feel a terrible heaviness (force) pressing/dragging down from my whole head onto my whole body making me feel so heavy.

Iíve seen ENTs/Neurologists and I have done brain MRI scans, results normal. My blood pressure and Thyroid profile normal. I did a conscious brain nEEG test which shows mild abnormality with frontal and central slows, accentuated during hyperventilation

Strangely, when I lie down, I do not feel head heaviness or Swaying.

I strongly feel my sensitive nose (Sinus- sticky wax after hot meals, hot baths), inner ears (pressures, tightness, fullness) and my brain (heaviness pressing down whole body) contribute to my imbalance.

I used to be a very active person, swimming, dancing, doing Taichi/Qigong.
Life is so frustrating, depressing and absolutely miserable since with this swaying I canít do anything at all. Therefore, I would be very grateful if someone could shed some light on my condition.

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