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Hey all,

My symptoms: Ear fullness, some tinnitus (pounding), slight dizzyness/vertigo, popping/clicking noises when I chew, swallow, yawn, etc. and occasionally I will go through episodes where my ear will 'pop' and the fullness will appear worse, sounds seem muffled yet almost louder, I can relieve this by laying down and putting slight pressure on that ear.

I have been tested for: SSCD (Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence), Meniere's Disease, Vestibular Migraines, Environmental allergies, B12 defincey, PET (Patulous Eustachian tube), TMJ and tested for any auto-immune disorder (which came back negative, but still a possibility) NOTE: all of these tests have been run with tubes in my ears due to being diagnosed with eustation tube dysfunction which is NOT the case.

Medications i've been on: mutiple allergy medications, clonzepam, a couple medications for vestibular migraines. I wish I could remember all the names. Been way too many.

I've also been to a chiropractor, and had no luck with that. Have also been to an upper cervical chiropractor as my TMJ doctor recommended me try it and it did not help my ears. I have had two MRI's done, one of my head and one of the inner ear searching for SSCD/possible brain tumours. At least two cat scans of my head have also been done in search for allergies. No problems were detected.
I was also put on a heart detector for a month time frame thinking that my heart could be causing the problems, I only had one unusual moment and it lined with a time where I just happened to be a little dizzy.

I have been to a couple places to get my balance checked and everytime it was considered minor vertigo and I was not able to get the epley maneuver done to make sure this was not the root of my issues.

This has been going on for nearly 3 years now, I was 15 when it started, the first symptom I can recall was the episodes where my ear would pop, I never thought much of it seeing as I could just lie down and it would go away for the time being. I finally realized something was seriously wrong when I had gone to my second concert and the music hadn't even started yet and I had an episode and I could not shake it off, I had to call my parents and have them take me home because it was so bad. After that, things seem to have taken a turn for the worse, it's when I noticed the fullness, the clicking/popping in my ears when I chew, swallow or yawn. etc. I don't remember having any tinnitus before this started but over the past 3 years I have had slight tinnitus, nothing too bad, some ringing, mostly pounding. But this past Tuesday, I had pounding in my ears so bad that I literally could not fall asleep because of it, it's been lingering since.

I'm desprate... i've lost whatever hope was left in me this past week and it's killing me and I think i'm seriously hurting my family. If anyone has any idea what I could possibily do or what this could be, please post! I'll take any help I can get. I just want my life back. I want to be me again.

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