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Hi Everyone,

Tuesday evening I had what the doctors tell me is a case of Labyrinthitis. All of a sudden I felt severe vertigo, nausea, and rapid heart beat. Not knowing what it was I went into the ER via EMS where the attending said it could be the start of a viral infection. The next day I felt very weak, tired, and a minor headache. Two days later I saw my primary care provider and a neurologist who both diagnosed me with Labyrinthitis. They ruled out Meiniere's Disease stating that I would have experienced hearing loss and tinnitus prior the the vertigo.

Later that evening I started feeling ear pressure in my left ear. I went to sleep but woke up with the ear pressure still there and another minor headache. I also experienced some noise inside my head. It is very very faint and can only be experienced if the room is ultra quiet. Does not seem characteristic of the intense roaring or ringing of tinnitus. The noise is actually non-existent while I am watching tv, talking, or just in general not concentrating on "hearing" it. The ear pressure is still there, however.

I am wondering if anyone has any experience with this. I am starting to think that maybe the ER doc was onto something and the Labyrinthitis came about because of the beginnings of an ear or sinus infection. I cant remember the last time I had an ear infection, but the ear sure is achy now. I do have sinus problems, but never to this extent. Any advice would be helpful. Especially if anyone thinks this could be more than Labyrinthitis or an ear infection, such as really being Meiniere's Disease. I should note that the neurologist looked at my eyes and ears and said they were perfect. That was before the ear pressure started. Also, I have absolutely no noticeable hearing loss.

As I mentioned, the doctor said hearing loss and tinnitus occur before or concurrently with the vertigo if its Meineire's. However, my ear pressure has started two days afterward. Thank you so much for your time.

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