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Ear Ache Diagnosis
Jul 16, 2013
One year ago while listening to a concert I had recorded on my IPhone, volume had been at MAX accidently when I turned on with ear buds. Lasted about 3 secs, hurt ears and felt like had left a loud concert for the rest of the day where my ears were sore. I expected this to eventually to go away, but minor ear ache seemed to linger on, specifically in the left ear. Also I had a new sensitivity to louder noises.

In the next 6 months the ear ache seemed to linger in my left ear. Not always constant. Was more irritating than painful. It didnít seem to occur at night or within an hour of waking up. Always seemed to feel better while drinking alcohol. Saw 2 different ENTs who believed it would just go away after 6 months. Suggested taking a week or 2 of ibuprofen.

In the last 3-4 months the dull inner ear ache has progressively gotten worse as it seems to have evolved into something more constant and deeper. I now notice the pain most of the time and it feels to shoot down my neck and sometime back. Feel pain in muscles running through my my head from my ear to the back of my head, and sometimes top. It appears there is a tightness /pain in my neck ear that I can feel when I turn or stretch my head. Iím not sure if the pain has spread into my SCM muscle from my inner ear or what but I feel almost like Ive had whiplash at this point with continued pain from my inner ear. This pain has become constant and affects my desire to work, exercise or do much of anything. Over the counter pain relievers (Advil/Aleve) donít seem to do much of anything. Iíve had no signs of jaw issues (TMJ). No sinus issues or outer ear inflammation or infection. No hearing loss. No ringing in my ears. Iíve had a CT scan of my neck and has not shown any issues. My last ENT prescribe a muscle relaxer but after taking it for a week it doesnít seem to help much. I came here because Iím not even sure what it could possibly be let alone how to treat it. I'm getting real desperate as it seems every week /month it gets worse and i'm starting to get nausea from the constant ache. Any help or guidance is very appreciative.


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