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... I have had this problem for more than 13 years and I just recently discovered what causes it and how to fix it. For most of you who have posted about the dizziness while driving, if you have ruled out inner ear problems, then you simply need to massage the muscles in your neck to remove the knots. ... (3 replies)
... s best if you can cope with a psychologist, because it will take toll on the rest of your body.. ... (5 replies)
Mar 27, 2005
... On the other hand perhaps the allergies are wreaking havoc on the ears. Can I ask if you suffer with any neck pain or chronic neck tension? ... (9 replies)

... There are joint receptors in the neck that work as part of the balance system. If you have a misaligned joint, that can cause vertiginous symptoms, but that would take you a few visits to the chiro over time to see if manipulating them makes a difference in your symptoms. ... (18 replies)
... All of the recent revelations have made me rethink the entire last 4 years under a new light. Migraine certainly explains a lot of it and has been, IMO, the root cause of nearly everything since early 2004, possibly even when I was only months into this. I recently stumbled across a thread on the headache board. ... (14 replies)
... The inner ear problem probably caused the muscles in the neck area to tense and go into spasm. I had lots of problems after I got the labs with tense neck muscles. What I did was stretching excercises to help release the tension. ... (6 replies)
... A good physical therapist who is familiar with this can help you out. I have it, and it's not easy for me, since my neck is REALLY tight and tense, and painful, but I've had that going on for decades! ... (6 replies)
... stop sporadic neck pain episodes that, according to "Heal Your Headache" can be a form of migraine. ... (34 replies)
... not inner ear type dizziness. And no, a neck problem cannot cause inner ear problems. Its either neck dizziness or inner ear dizziness if you get my gist. ... (18 replies)
Questions for hbep
Apr 22, 2006
... You say that MAV can cause ear fullness. Where did you learn about this association? ... (8 replies)
Perilymph Fistula
Nov 12, 2010
... In light of your daily tension headaches, have all of your symptoms from the PLF disappeared? ... (55 replies)
Apr 4, 2003
... Thanks for your post. The stuff about feeling the tension in the jaw being a sign of getting better is very comforting. ... (16 replies)
... e morning with my jaw locked. I was fitted for a night guard and became very aware of my clenching. Fifteen years later, I'm wondering if I still hold a lot of tension in my jaw. ... (9 replies)
Sep 30, 2005
... Do I think tmj alone can cause yrs of spacey disconnectedness, yes and no. I think tmj can lead to other problems which are more likely to cause it. For example it will impact on your neck muscles that can then cause migraine or tension headaches which can definitely cause that spacey feeling. ... (12 replies)
... a brilliant place to start is with a book by Robert O. Uppgaard called 'Taking Control of TMJ.' It will describe what tmjd is and also what you can do about it. There is also a tmjd board on this healthboard. The only other suggestion I have, you have already mentioned. ... (3 replies)
... vestibular neuritis because the type of dizzines you describe is not the type of dizziness this sort of illness causes. ... (7 replies)
... related dizziness is the same as for any form of migraine. ... (4 replies)
... Interesting about the neck thing but must say...inner ear testing can be v unreliable so I dont think you can rule out a vestibular cause. It is difficult to prove that neck probs lead to dizziness but I can see that they would impact on an existing problem. ... (18 replies)
BPPV versus LAB
Oct 9, 2003
... but for others it takes more than one manuever and then some have the imbalance for awhile. Lab, however, can cause inner ear damage and compensation has to take place if damage has been done. Then a cold, vacations, whatever can cause the brain to decompensate. ... (10 replies)
... Have you experienced dizziness with your night guard? ... (18 replies)

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