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... crackling has never gone away. I also experience tinnitus since the ear infection. I don't have allergies that I know of that might be preventing my eustachian tubes to clear. My guess is that the typical pregnancy swelling was the main reason my tubes had trouble recovering. ... (15 replies)
... hi, explain your autophoney, are you hearing your voice loud in your ear? and your breathing? also, what kind of popping? can you describe it better...what triggers it? dr denis poe an amazing dr, is in boston mass....he is the expert in p e t, where are you located? lib (57 replies)
... t year around November I think, I noticed that my right ear would often times feel stuffy. This has persisted now for about 8 months. I believe I have a patulous eustachian tube. I often find that if I put my head down for a couple seconds or if I lie down my ear will clear up immediately. ... (57 replies)

... vacation from Puerto Rico and was put on antibiotics. After this I could not unblock my right ear and my left ear somtimes gave me trouble. I was diagnosed with Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and told this is common after a cold and takes time to go way. ... (5 replies)
... have u tried making your own saline solution to clear the tubes ? ... (5 replies)
... Hi Cindy, Do you have any feelings of imbalance? I have similar symptoms and have been on the same meds. Have you tried breathing in steam? It seems to help clear the tubes, at least for a while (until they fill up again). kdny6 (4 replies)
... in the area of where the Eustachian tube start or just below your earlobe. ... (0 replies)
... trying to gather as much information as possible right now. Here's what's been going on. Last year I came down with a terrible cold and my left ear ended up with Eustachian tube dysfunction. ... (0 replies)
... It's caused by muscular spasm in your eustachian tubes, sounds like the popping could be a similiar thing. These type of ear problems can often be caused by tempero mandibular joint disorder. ... (4 replies)
... luid that the doc can find on tests, is because it isn't fluid making your ears feel full, but because the muscles in your ears have tightened up and caused your eustachian tubes to shut down. Sometimes fluid can get trapped in them because of this, but it is more of a sporadic thing so sometimes down't show on tests. ... (6 replies)
... Since your jaw muscles are connected to your ear muscles they can cause the eustachian tube to not function properly. So anyway I have tried various things to try and relax the muscles in my jaw and they have helped some. ... (123 replies)
... quincy, Thanks for sharing your story. It's interesting to hear from someone dealing specifically with BPV as am I. Though, I can't imagine dealing with it off and on the way you have for so many years. I only had two very specific episodes of it (6 months to the day apart), and the Epley, which I didn't know about at the time of the first episode, cured me of it when I... (10 replies)
... to speak in such horrible circumstances. Its very early days for you so dont worry about you having this forever, lots of people have the same symptoms and they clear up over a period of a month of two. Have you been back to see your doctor? ... (123 replies)
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Mar 21, 2003
... If the cold has blocked up your E tubes this could clear them. If your E tubes are inflamed but not blocked it prob won't help. ... (5 replies)
... I'm doing fine at this time....still have "off" days. I do have the symptoms many of us with ear problems have...sinus, throat, eustachian stuff. ... (10 replies)
... the test for pressure in your eustachian tubes, isn't entirely reliable. It depends what the fluid build up in your ears is doing on the day they test. ... (174 replies)
... I need help for my blocked tubes . I am so tired of hearing my voice in my head. ... (3 replies)
... Its this dreadful noise that distresses me the most. Its like a nightmare that never seems to end. At the moment Im trying to clear my ear constantly since the last ear infection a few weeks ago. ... (34 replies)
... Oh, my god. Lib, thank you SO much. I'm learning so much about patulous eustachian tube from the internet right now. It's making me emotional because I've never seen my symptoms written out before. I don't feel so crazy any more. ... (5 replies)
... I would say this is a much more likely scenario than a tear in your ear drum. The eustachian tube is behind the ear drum, plugging your ear with your finger will make little difference to the noise. ... (4 replies)

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