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... hi i suffer from clogged ears and at times i feel dizzy and anxious to the point i feel like i am going out of my mind do u think magnesium would help me (7 replies)
... My ear problem started in February 2014 with my ears hurting and feeling completely clogged. I also felt dizzy and off balanced. I went to my primary car doctor to see what could be the issue. He said it was a sinus infection. ... (1 replies)
... Ok I have been dealing with this nausea and dizziness for a while now. I had my Gallbladder removed in March because the dr. ... (2 replies)

Clogged ears
Jul 2, 2002
... I have exactly the same symptoms you describe, I am dizzy 24 hrs a day, off balance and I feel a pressure in my ears, like they need to burst. ... (7 replies)
... the time, my neurologist sent me to a TMJ guy who gave me a splint, after a couple days my dizziness started to fade and was gone after a week,the splint took my dizziness away and somewhat lessened the symptoms so at least I am able to work now,he wants me to go to an ent because he thinks I have menierr's disease too.... ... (32 replies)
... difficulty swallowing, tightness in throat, ear pain, ears clogged and full, dizziness, jaws click when I open, muscles spasms and unbearable pressure in head, neck, back. Lately it's been spiraling down towards my chest as well. ... (32 replies)
Clogged ears
Apr 20, 2002
... First check to make sure you don't have a middle ear infection, then ask your doctor if you have Eustachian Tube Dysfunction.I've had both, plus sinus infections, polyps, and many other problems---all of which can cause the 'clogged'ear thing with the dizziness...Good luck! Hope you get answers sooner than I did! Lizzie51427 (7 replies)
... ing loss in my right ear. This was unexplained as my parents don't recall exposing me to any loud noises. The high frequency hearing loss has never bothered me and the noises that fall into the frequency level aren't important for general hearing. ... (4 replies)
... ht that it was BPPV, but I certainly did not have all the stuff that goes with it. Then I went to see a physiotherapist, who specialized in inner ear disorders, and thought that the BPPV was not correct, that the cause was eustachian tube thing. ... (46 replies)
On VRT's Effects
Aug 15, 2006
... Did you ever measure the time and effect of your VRT exercises? ... (2 replies)
... So, being this second maneuver at least as safe as B. Darhoff, and statistically quicker and more effective than it for BPPV treatment, I'll give it a shot to see what happens. ... (2 replies)
... I have been suffering from vertigo, imbalance and other "ear issues" for just over 3 years now. it has gotten progressively worse. ... (8 replies)
Clogged ears
Jul 13, 2002
... Yep, I can relate! Been plagued with ear troubles since I was a kid. Lost hearing in my left ear from infections. Right now my right ear is plugged and have kind of a dragged out feeling. Maybe a little dizziness in there too. ... (7 replies)
Clogged ears
Jul 4, 2002
... If it is, I have been taking that here and there but it makes me so tired, does it you? ... (7 replies)
... symptom you've described. Alot of people on this board have. My ENT said that the permenant damage I have from labirinthitis makes me feel this way. It will come and go. I had those feelings of depersonalization 24 hours a day for a month! I thought I was losing my ever loving mind!!! ... (2 replies)
... swaying motions gets severe. Consulted many neurologists, ENT doctors and undergone all the tests like MRI,ENG ..etc...all the results are negative. ... (32 replies)
... med professionals about this. The first CYCLE was 7 years ago when the symmtoms hit hard and was ruining highschool for me. General prac. sent me off to neuro and allergist. Neuro sent me for CT, allergist found allergies to dust mites and ragweed. CT showed nothing. Nobody believed me basically. ... (11 replies)
... I have been following your stories for support over the past year. I have made some progress with my own dizziness problem and wish to share, just in case any of you might reap some useful information from my story. ... (7 replies)
Apr 11, 2003
... pain, dizziness, tinnitus, with ENT drawing a blank and coming up with nothing at all, I finally have a probable diagnosis, which is tempero mandibular joint disorder. ... (54 replies)
... tion. Havent had any ear infections now for 10 weeks! I have never got by this date so im keeping my fingers crossed this time I make it. My ear is still sore and blocked with mucous from last infection. I think I may have a constant sinus infection which seems to be keeping things going as well. ... (123 replies)

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