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... now just the left ear spasms. ... (173 replies)
... this is particularly common amongst people who clench or grind their teeth. This sets off muscular spasms in or around the ear, which can cause all sorts of ear symptoms, not everyone experiences jaw symptoms initially with this. ... (4 replies)
Jul 14, 2005
... Over the last few days Ive noticed a slight change in my ears, dont know if its from the medication im on or not but heres my question. Ive had crackling noise in my ears for over a month now and a few days ago it seemed to decrease drastically in my right ear. ... (1 replies)

... and this noise is there when I press underneath the ear from the outside.I get popping and crackling in the L ear all the time. The R ear seems to be fairly OK. ... (173 replies)
... far as crackling in my ears, yeah, i have that alot too...but it has definitely gotten better since the beginning of this. ... (118 replies)
... Well..the doc at the university health center must of didnt know swat lol...because my Left ear is still crackling. doc said eardrum and no infection. said it was wax and that it should stop. it still hasnt. still cracking to loud noise then stops.. ... (3 replies)
... It's caused by muscular spasm in your eustachian tubes, sounds like the popping could be a similiar thing. These type of ear problems can often be caused by tempero mandibular joint disorder. ... (4 replies)
... dr. poe is in boston mass., he is wonderful! is it possible your feeling your eardrum move because of a muscle spasm in the middle ear? describe it as best you can.i have this and had the muscle cut and it no longer moves or makes that sound. the crackling, popping and fullness can be muscular. do not pinch and blow, that can cause p e t, dr told me never do that again,... (84 replies)
... days of having this ringing sound in my ear, I was convinced that I had to see somebody about what was actually going on. ... (16 replies)
... oh believe me mine was bad....very bad. sscd is a hole in the inner ear bone, it can cause autophoney, if your not hearing your breathing you might not have p e t, it could be another problem. ... (84 replies)
... my snapping is behind my nose, and in my palate. i think its causing the popping and crackling in my ears too, the muscles spasming. ... (173 replies)
... sking about menieres. Have a read of that. Fullness in the ears is one of the ways they diagnose menieres. From what you've described, menieres certainly doesn't sound likely. ... (3 replies)
... disorders that cause objective tinnitus include palatomyoclonus and idiopathic stapedial muscle spasm. Palatomyoclonus is characterized by an irregular clicking sound within the ear. ... (3 replies)
... oh...i also have a new disturbing symptom, if i tip my head or try to thrust my hair back with my head my ear cracks really loud, other people can hear it also, do you get this? ... (173 replies)
... I am having pressure in my ear after a spinal surgery and subsequent leak. Mine started right after my initial surgery. Like an ear infection. Now it is better, just like pressure in the ear. I am healed from the leak, but the ear is still pressure. ... (6 replies)
... Ok, I'm no doctor but I do have tmjd with severe ear symptoms. If this sound happens on opening your mouth wide, and you have clicking in your jaw also, my guess is the sounds you are experiencing are related to your tm joint. ... (4 replies)
... some of this could be muscular, middle ear muscles can cause crackling....can you describe that a little more? ... (5 replies)
... ars old,seem to have a problem with flying.I recently went to europe on vacation and got very light headed a few days after beeing there,was treated for an inner ear infection and was feeling fine in a few days,.then I had to fly again to texas,the same thing happened after beeing there for a few days. ... (2 replies)
Oct 1, 2003
... I was doing some research tonight on TMJ which is a condition that my sister has, but I never related it to my ears. Some of the symptoms sound similar. Dizziness, fullness in the ear, sinus congestion... ... (0 replies)
... well the right eardrum no longer moves to sound or my voice. ... (173 replies)

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