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... Hi Think your asking---could that be caused by an "Inner Ear" medical problem---if so---the answer is yes---but it best to have it checked out by a Doc who specializes in Inner Ear medical issues---that is an: NEUROTOLOGIST. (note: not a Neurologist or an ENT) You also might take a look at the Information Archive Post(sticky 1st post on this board)----I would start... (1 replies)
... I'm Filipino and just went to an ENT last 2 hours, and the ENT said i'm getting dizzy because of poor blood circulation. ... (0 replies)
... felt weird when I woke up this morning----I am at work---when my head is looking down I start to get real dizzy---or any quick movement with my head---anyone have ideas ??? (0 replies)

... well my little man is sooooooo gorgeous I am probably just an obsessed mother. But he is genuinely an attractive baby with quite delicate features facially any way. ... (41 replies)
Losing all Hope
Nov 18, 2006
... I'm new to the boards looking for support.Ive hade anxiety sense I was in my teens.I'm 26 135lbs 5'8. ... (3 replies)
... I just jumped on here to write a quick note of positivity and when I first saw this subject line I had to read it. When I did read it I realized that this is very similar to what I wanted to post about. ... (7 replies)
... I hope this post finds everyone feeling better. I'm sorry I haven't posted much, but pregnancy, school and chasing my daughter keeps me busy. ... (9 replies)
... I have no dizziness when I look up. Couple years ago I went to an ENT because of intermittent neck pain. intermittent left ear pain and dizziness when laying down. I had a MRI of the head and a neck xray. I also had another test which I forgot the name to see if I had BPPV. That test was negative. ... (6 replies)
... loud ringing in left ear for three days, following a head cold and ear ache. Then nausea for two days and mild feeling that I was slightly dizzy, then wham full on major spinning vertigo. ... (13 replies)
... can bring on increased symptoms. So I usually have to 'get out of one mode' before I go do something else. ... (39 replies)
... Yep, I can relate to that. ... (9 replies)
How Long?!?!?!?
Aug 8, 2007
... i had those happen while i was in cosmetology school back in 2000, and i probably had the problem on and off the whole time....once i got out and away from that bldg and problem!! ... (12 replies)
... ow this affected my dizziness has ricocheted on me. I wanted to see if this could give some clue to the doctors for a definitive treatment, besides the fact that I actually couldn't take any flu medicine or similar because of the VNG so I went in with a cold, that now evolved to some bronchial inflammation... ... (1 replies)
... you have been given the run around by so many doctors for so long. It sounds to me like you really, really should see a nuero otologist, also spelt neurotologist or otoneurologist. These are specialists in the dizziness, ears and the brain and are absolutely the best doctors for diagnosing a dizziness disorder. ... (38 replies)
... Hey, I think I know what you are talking about....does everything seem faster then normal? ... (50 replies)
... then came the dizziness when leaning forward, tinnitus in one ear, balance problems, memory loss, and other symptoms. ... (3 replies)
... it always helps when someone can give information from their own personal experience! ... (11 replies)
... pillar to post, scan, etc. I was told by the local ENT that it was probably BPPV and that "it would pass" . Easy said.! ... (40 replies)
... I see a chiropractor...might be something you could consider if you're not freaked out about it. I definitely know when I need to go. ... (11 replies)
... It is great to hear from you, although it's always a mixed blessing at it often means someone who had escaped the ship is now back on it. I was much, much better over the summer but have had a rocky two months. Mostly not back to where I was but vast ups and downs, and the downs haven't been fun. ... (30 replies)

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