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... For the past while, I have been complaining of myoclonus of the middle ear muscles. Now an old problem with my middle left ear has resurfaced. Periodically, the eustachian tube slams open and shut, popping the ear drum. If it is'nt one form of torment, it is another! It feels like I will never recover. ... (3 replies)
... t think it is caused by weight loss, or any of the other explanations that doctors suggest. It's either a virus or bacteria that eats away at the collagen of the tube or it might be hormone related. I don't think it has to do with dehydration. That might make it worse for someone with pet but I don't think it ever causes it. ... (23 replies)
... give me more drugs. No thanks. So I switched ENT's and he said definitely the allergies are causing more mucous and more pressure therefore causing the eustacian tube to click and etc. This alone can cause vertigo so I've been on a mission to "cure" my allergies. ... (5 replies)

... Hello everyone, I've had some form of ETD since August 2016 this year (3 months ago i.e it is currently November 2016) from serotonin supplements niacin and 5 htp (i am absolutely certain of this), i'd been taking them for a while and the start of the ETD was preceded by a period of weakness in various limbs in my body. I had tinnitus for a while but it's now gone, I do the... (0 replies)
... Thanks pisces320 for your informative reply. I too have come to the conclusion that diet plays a huge role. I just today received a comprehensive report that was generated by on outside physician based on my condition. She is confident that what I have is allergy induced immune mediated vestibular loss. Apparently this is a controversial diagnosis and is not the same as... (5 replies)
... Isn't there something natural that can help cure the dizziness? ... (128 replies)
... HTP is not a miracle cure for all kinds of ailments, but it can definitely solve some specific problems. Try it for a couple of weeks. ... (128 replies)
... is there a way to cure this or am I stuck with it forever? ... (13 replies)
... what is the cure for this condition? ... (13 replies)
... Hello Kris / Nathan, Join the club. I too suffer from ETD and it is miserable. It completely ruins any quality of life. ?Have either of you had success and relieving your symptoms or better yet a permanent cure? Nasalcrom was mention. Is this by prescription only? I know that my ETD is primarily sinus/allergy related, but it seems the side effects of some... (3 replies)
... I ended up having a condition called Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. Your eustachian tube connects the back of the sinues to the middle ear. When this tube becomes inflammed, it can cause these lovely symptoms we have all had the pleasure experiencing. ETD cannot be detected by scans or scopes or bloodwork. ... (35 replies)
... definitely don't want to suffer like this for 20 years. My aunt found me an ENT who is also a head and neck specialist. He said something can be done about the eustachian tube dysfunction. Did your grommet cure the eustachian tube dysfunction? ... (2 replies)
... oh how i feel for you, as i can relate all to well. the clicking could be myoclonus, as the fullness, can you describe the clicking more? p e t is hearing your voice loudly and your breathing loudly, do you have this? look up tensor tympani syndrome/myoclonus, stapedial myoclonus and palatal myoclonus...see what you think. the best dr for patulous is dr dennis poe, hes in... (5 replies)
... The ENT said I have to learn to live with it and understand that "ALL THAT CAN BE DONE, HAS BEEN DONE" to cure it!! ... (5 replies)
... a noticable click sound. Sort of between a click and a crunch. Just a couple or three clicks. After doing a little research, I determined that it could be my eustachian tubes pressing together and then coming apart when i swallowed. ... (6 replies)
... H patulous eustachian tube dysfunction and it is destroying my life. It started out from a STUPID accident January 10th 2001. That was when life as I knew it ended. ... (1 replies)
Stuffed Ears
Jan 10, 2001
... I am sorry to hear about your ears and fuzzy heads. I know EXACTLY what you are going through. I had this horrible condition for almost a year. It is called Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. The middle ear is connected to the eustachian tube, which allows airflow to the back of the sinuses. ... (65 replies)
... y balance was off to begin with, I didn't need anything to make it worse. I have heard stories where people would only have pressure in one ear and only get the tube in one ear and end up feeling worse. ... (35 replies)
... t and moves around more and when I pinch my nose and blow I get a really loud squeak. On a hot day when the blockage is dry, if I move my jaw around I feel the tube pops. If that makes sense? ... (26 replies)
... I am a 50 year old male with no allergies. Since the death of my father in May.. i have been experiencing what I assume is Eustachian tube dysfunction. I would go to sleep and then I would experience extreme air pressure difference in my R ear. When It get really bad i would get tinnitus. ... (1 replies)

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