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... Some of things you describe will not come from the inner ear. The warm feeling in the calf would have nothing to do with the inner ear. Sounds more like a spinal problem........cervical spine problems will cause the dizzies.......visual problems.....and feelings in the legs.......have you been to a neurologist? (6 replies)
... I have told you that my eyes feel jumpy. What I have figured out is that, say that I find two different focal points on my right and my left. ... (6 replies)
... Hi Cathy, Yeah they dont really interfere with me much would take them anyday over my dizziness. Well they have trouble tracking takes a second for them to catch up and, I have had a funny lights/blurring twice in the four months I have had this and mostly bouncy a little but I can still watch TV and I read just fine so not really any biggie. Thats why I am wondering if I... (4 replies)

... Does your eyes feel like they cant see the wholel picture together? ... (4 replies)
... I have all the same symptoms as you do, with the exception of heavy heartbeat. I do have the feeling of swaying with the heartbeat. or if I sit still my eyes feel as if they move to the heartbeat. It's funny about the constant adjustment of the neck thing. ... (118 replies)
... i feel for you, i know how htis can make you feel crazy and anxious. it makes life so much more difficult. the only thing i can do is just go about life as if it doesnt affect me... ... (118 replies)
Jumpy shaky vision
Jan 31, 2008
... gs. I've spent much time reading different entries and not been brave enough to actually write. I'm thinking if I can get some of this off of my chest, I might feel a little better. ... (118 replies)
... I have taken about 15 breaks to type this out since this is just aggrivating it, but it makes me feel a tiny bit more at ease knowing I am not the only person out there feeling this. ... (118 replies)
... opthamologist to get another opinion as well....and to have them look into my eyes for more of an idea...but for some reason, i think they will come up with no answers. ... (118 replies)
... or i haven't seen it yet. HOWEVER, strange enough that you mention that, it almost feels under and around my eyes like my pulse is super strong and that it sometimes beats with each shake or jump...but it isn't always the case. i try really hard to see if that's it... ... (118 replies)
... in my ears at all. Perhaps in the brain. With the vision motion, the mind still perceives it as "dizziness". A good test is for someone normal to make their eyes very wide, then go back to normal, over and over again very fast as well as dart their eyes left and right very fast. ... (118 replies)
Hey Joni...
Nov 1, 2007
... Had a long, busy day with 2 hours in bad lighting yesterday. Today my eyes feel really stiff, and I am more whirry than typical. ... (9 replies)
Jumpy shaky vision
Mar 16, 2008
... Sounds like Migraine or Superior Canal Dehiscience. But probably the migraine with aura. I would go see a neurotologist who understands how to diagnose and treat these conditions. Vision that "shifts" like that is usually due to either an inner ear disorder (Superior Canal Dehiscience) or central issue affecting balance (in someone your age, usually migraine. the visual... (118 replies)
... the vitreos gel in my eyes beat sometimes with the beat of my heart. and the beat of my heart is very present always, it seems to make my whole body shake or vibrate. ... (118 replies)
Off balance
May 2, 2010
... pretty much all the time. My right ear hurts, all the time. pressure. When I lay down at night, it pops alot and even has some fluid that drains occasionally. My eyes also feel weird. I had to start wearing glasses, I suppose it helps some? ... (17 replies)
Jumpy shaky vision
May 10, 2008
... stimulated and the bumpy roads made it worse. now i can go to stores no problem, sometimes i feel weird, but not liek before. the vision is what makes things so disorienting at this point, but it's not ANYTHING like the first few months. ... (118 replies)
... and i was just beginning to think i was making this all up in my head for some crazy reason,hah. i am glad and sad that you are having to post about this. i feel for you, as i have only been dealing with this for 7 months now. can you please share with me how your bout with this initial symptoms, etc.? ... (118 replies)
Jumpy shaky vision
Apr 12, 2008
... a day, but it doesn't help, it's kinda like the adjusting your neck thing. I try to to stay off the computer for a bit and take breaks since the monitor makes my eyes nuts. Try driving and eating something if you really want to feel the jumpy vision thing.... ... (118 replies)
... wow, I guess I'm the only one who is really suffering with this. I barely see anyone posting. Anyway, I'll ask all these questions now because I would imagine that it might be a week or two before anyone comes back. I am wondering if anyone experiences constant "dizziness" or "unsteadiness" with this and feels like they are rocking or swaying. Is anyone intolerable to... (118 replies)
... Oh, I feel dizzy too". Aaarrggh! Not like this you don't !!! ... (41 replies)

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