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... If you do is it just in one ear or both and is it there all the time or does it come and go? ... (7 replies)
... If you have been diagnosed with VN or labyrinthitis do you have tinnitus? ... (1 replies)
... ENT said VN wouldn't cause tinnitus. Only Labs / Menieres could. (7 replies)

... can most definitley cause it as well. Anxiety may also contribute to making it seem louder and worse. I had tinnitus not long after the VN attack in 2003 for about 5 months and then it went ... only one ear. ... (7 replies)
... I have VN with tinnitus (1 replies)
... Im in my 17th week of labs but dont have the tinnitus i was sent to an ENT who changed my meds to Cinnarizine to be taken wen i feel dizzy so im on the limit of two tablets three times a day after meals. ... (1 replies)
... do you have it in one or both ears?? is it constant ? how loud is it? (7 replies)
... Yep got them both...tinnitus comes and goes....about once or twice per month... ... (7 replies)
... YEs...I have been diagnosed with labs and have tinnitus. It is common with labs. ... (7 replies)
... I don't know what laby... means ,but i have had Tinnitis in both ears for several years.I had no meds for it,but see current ads with a "cure".I am afraid of new meds as I had a bad reACTION FROM ONE 10 YEARS AGO,AND IT AFFECTED MY VISION. (Caps are accidental)I just try to ignore mine,and carry on with my recurrent depression. Luck...Bill (7 replies)
... I have not been diagnosed yet, am seeing ear nose and throat DR in 3 months. ... (7 replies)
... Tuesday evening I had what the doctors tell me is a case of Labyrinthitis. All of a sudden I felt severe vertigo, nausea, and rapid heart beat. Not knowing what it was I went into the ER via EMS where the attending said it could be the start of a viral infection. ... (0 replies)
... this way of thinking has worked for me, so I am writing it in the belief that there is a good chance it might help others. Secondly I will stress again that my tinnitus is not deafening. ... (5 replies)
... I woke up one morning with severe vertigo, nausea and headache. I went to my PCP who gave me a prescription for valium and sent me for an MRI and to an ENT. ... (0 replies)
... is is my first post here so please bear with me. My problems started at the beginning of December 2003 when after a night out on the booze I felt extremely dizzy and had to go home from work. ... (36 replies)
... My story started 14 weeks ago. I woke to a roaring sound in my right ear with dullness in hearing. I got up from bed and began to experience rotational vertigo. ... (9 replies)
... had lab in March 1999, and Nov'99. Started with tinnitus and vertigo. In November ear pain and fullness joined in. Had hearing and balance tests in 2000 but ENT eventually told me nothing wrong in July 2000. ... (6 replies)
... irst or second week of may i got a really really bad flu that lasted for a few days, like always I never went to the doctor because I thought it was a normal flu and i took over the counter medicine for sinus problems. ... (0 replies)
... months ago, I started noticing that my eyes were starting to feel strained and I was experiencing slight dizziness. I don't want to say it was vertigo but almost like my eyes were having a hard time focusing. ... (2 replies)
... My symptoms started with hearing loss of the lower register in my right ear and tinnitus... dizziness came about a month later. The first ENT I saw told me that either I would get used to it or it would go away. ... (11 replies)

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