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Night dizziness.
Apr 6, 2004
... This sounds very similar to what I had when I had BPPV. I only had the spinning dizzyness at night (and exactly as you explain it with "the world following after") when I turned my head on the pillow. During the day I had hardly any symptoms at all except once or twice when I'd lift my head towards the ceiling to open the skylight. I was succesffully treated for that... (9 replies)
Night dizziness.
Apr 3, 2004
... like the world would follow after. BPPV I wondered...but I have this feeling when I have a cold, when my dizziness is worse and I am having no BPPV symptoms or anything outof the ordinary during the day. ... (9 replies)
Night dizziness.
Apr 6, 2004
... No mineisnt as severe as that...just like increased dizziness and shifting but not true spinning severe vertigo. Its now stopped...think happened cos was going through an awful few days last wk... ... (9 replies)

Night dizziness.
Apr 7, 2004
... Re your question, for me the awful thing about having an inner ear problem is that I get a bit wary about symptoms re-occurring so I usually hesitate to say whether something's been cured or not! :confused: The BPPV occurred a couple of years ago and so far it doesn't seem to have been back although I saw a specialist for fleeting spins at night about 2 months ago but the... (9 replies)
Night dizziness.
Apr 6, 2004
... hi emsy it was really nice to chat with u the other week, hmm yes ican get vertigo at night, when turning over doesnt seem to matter which way,either side is affected which puzzles me as u usually hear that one side is affected.....also i have had it fairly mild and very severe.....the very severe is like i am falling at great speed and visually its like being on the fast... (9 replies)
... my symptoms of dizziness can vary from feeling tippy to swaying, etc. ... (14 replies)
... spells, with violent attacks occurring every few months. I'm pretty much okay for several months at a time. My parents have told me that I exhibited symptoms of dizziness before I could even talk, and that I could crawl and stand up holding on to things before I was ever capable of sitting up straight without falling over. ... (10 replies)
... so whether they were to help the dizziness or whether he thought the problem was all in my head...who knows!!! ... (1 replies)
... that point I had been ill 2 yrs. I'm writing this morning, partly to keep my mind off my new found dizzy woes and partly to say send dizzy free vibes my way. The night of the day that I wrote how well I was doing I had a dreadfull attack of vertigo, up from 2 am spinning and spinning. ... (66 replies)
... attributed it to food poisoning or something similar that I got over. I went back to work on Thursday and had a good day at work, and everything was fine. That night I got home and sat down on the couch to watch TV. Out of nowhere, it happened again. ... (3 replies)
... well, from your family history, you are a prime canidate for migraine. I'm no doctor, however, I have a lot of experience with not being well, and it seems to me, that the stress of not being well with these other issues over the past few years, especially the stress of not knowing what they were for many months, was the instigating factor that preciptated your migraine... (53 replies)
... I wouldnt worry and this does not mean its bppv...night dizziness is just the inner ear waking, confused etc. I had a thing on tues night where within an hr my dizziness got worse and I was being pushed pulled all over the place and ship feeling was bad. Lay down and when turned to left had spinning, right nothing. ... (50 replies)
... From around 10th January to around 17th Feb. 2004, i was getting out here and there, driving about, usually at night time as i feel a lot better. I didnt feel comfortable going out during the day, but at night i felt a lot better. ... (35 replies)
... Hi. Im want to discover what really cause my dizziness.. the first time in my life that i had dizziness, was when i took during two days Zoloft (Anti depressant) last year (also had severe headaches)...from that day i had a lot of dizziness (and severe weakness/body very heavy). I went to different doctors..all said different things: -Anxiety .. last year i had a... (2 replies)
... i'm not quite sure if this is the correct place for this question, but i've heard dizziness is a common symptom of inner ear problems. ... (0 replies)
... This is my second episode of BPPV" Answer.......... I have all those symptoms but my dizziness has not been on the floor vertigo. But dizziness. ... (14 replies)
... Look on internet for or call 1 800 472 7432 they will send info (31 replies)
... i just turned 25 in december 2006. i have had horrible dizziness and a feeling of imbalance for almost 3 years now. it started out of nowhere, and has yet to go away. ... (31 replies)
... ntibiotics and hoped that might take care of it. It didn't seem to work and I just tried to deal with it. After a few months, after not being able to sleep one night I noticed a high tone ringing in my right ear. Since then, the tinnitus has continued. ... (4 replies)
... I still have no relief in my ears and they seem to be hurting worse and the feeling of dizziness is really impacting my life which makes me wondering if it is something more than TMJ. ... (1 replies)

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