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[QUOTE=Jack51]Locca, all I know is that I had a frightful stone 20 years ago, and that kidney has never been the same. The pain is always the same though. When it happens, it feels swollen, like there is not enough room in there for it. It also has a dull, and sometimes burning ache. You need to drink cranberry juice regularly! Some folks drink a tablespoon of vinegar mixed in a glass of water twice/day for the kidneys and urinary tract.[/QUOTE]

Since March I've had a uti and kidney stone that's been in my kidney now since 1/01. They crushed it by Litho just two weeks ago. Before I had all this burning in my lower stomach/adominal area, sometimes in the bladder. When I went back to the Uro this past Monday, I told him I still feel that at times and he said that I had no infection but according to the xrays, I might still have 1 cm of stone left in my right kidney. Anyways, he told me to drink alot of water to try to wash that one out, but it also could be gas or food, so they were confused with the xray. I have a ct in 6 weeks. Hopefully the stone will be gone, but what I'm asking here, I guess is that the burning feeling I get, is that my kidney?


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