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Kidney or Spine?
Sep 30, 2011
Hurricane Irene came through about a month ago and in preparation for the storm (live in flood zone) I had to run around like a crazy person moving heavy furniture, sand bags and plywood.

About 2 weeks ago I noticed a dull ache in my lumbar area with some muscle tightness more toward my left side. I, of course, attributed this to the heavy lifting and figured I have a bulging disc. No big deal unless it starts effecting my daily life, right? I've had bulging discs in my neck that I've dealt with for a couple of years.

Anyway, two nights ago I was sitting on the couch and felt a constricting pain coming from the very spot I'd been aching. The pain was gradually increasing so I stood up to walk to the kitchen and I literally could not stand because the pain was so intense. I couldn't breathe well. All I could do was cry and say, "it's not stopping, it's not stopping." I would describe this pain like a boa constrictor squeezing the life out of me while someone ripped out my lower back. Not necessarily my organs though. If I had to choose a side that I felt the pain more, it would be the left. This lasted about 4 or 5 minutes and slowly decreased just as it had increased. I layed down feeling absolutely exhausted and have been since. When I peed that night before bed, as soon as I stood up from the toilet, I saw a piece of tissue about the size of a pinky finger nail floating to the bottom. Attached to it was a light red blood clot.

The next day I noticed my urine had swirling clouds (lol) in it every time I went. Each time I go I have a small amount of tissue mixed in--except my urine isn't quite as cloudy.

What do you think? Herniated disc? Noticed a possible kidney infection by accident?
FYI, going to a walk in clinic first thing tomorrow morning. I know what can happen if you let a kidney infection go too long. :-)

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