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I had PRK on September 26 2014 from a nationwide chain, exactly 6 months from today. I only had 20/40 in one eye and 20/50 in the other but for my career I have to have perfect vision. Even after the stated healing time of 2 months I was having issues with blurry vision. When I reported it to him I just kind of got blown off and told it's healing slow but it'll be better the next month. It's worth noting that at 3 months, what I was told would be the time to worry, they had an ophthalmologist sub for him from another office because my usual Dr was out and she seemed concerned about my results on paper vs what she was seeing. She also said it looked like I had a little corneal edema in one eye and gave me steroids for it. I kept following my orders and just waiting it out.

Finally in December, after trying to read street signs and license plates and compare it to friends, I told him it's just not good enough for my job and I think I need to talk about enhancement. He checked me and said that I was 20/20, even though I could only see 2 letters and they were blurry. After blowing it off a bit more he told me to schedule an appointment for February and we'll talk then. I ended up rescheduling the appointment because of bad weather and went in the first week of March. Some how, even though it's still blurry he tested me at 20/15 in both eyes and I read the whole line. Problem is I still can't read street signs at half the distance of my wife or friends. I have to be almost 20ft away with great light, I can't read any license plates and even the giant Walmart sign is a little blurry. He say's it's normal to be blurry, but he didn't seem to be telling the truth. I especially don't understand how the 2015 line in his office can be clear but the posters and signs on his wall or the street signs outside of his office are barely legible.

I'm not really sure what's going on. It's absolutely vital that have basically perfect vision. Can someone make sense out of this? Is any of this normal? Should I seek another opinion? I paid an extra 1k for the lifetime warranty with free lifetime enhancements so if the second opinion calls BS on this what are my options.

Thanks a lot in advance

Thanks for the reply.

I went to the regular eye doctor yesterday. Unlike at my laser eye doctor he actually checked everything and explained everything which was nice. I'm at 20/15 in both eyes and can even see a little of the 20/10 line but he said that I'm having trouble with blurriness because I still have 1/4(i think) astigmatism left and it was just enough to make seeing clearly difficult. He's not sure what might be the cause but he did say the glands on my eye lids looked a little clogged and that my be part of it. He recommended a hot compress every day for a month and some vitamins then scheduled me another appointment to see if there was any change. He also told me that it doesn't look like I need the punctal plugs that my other dr told me to buy because the tears are adhering to my eyes well enough. So that saves me $500 this week.

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